tata steel mega merger biggest merger of tata group

Biggest Merger of Tata Group? Know which company will be merged. tata steel mega merger

Tata Group Metal Companies to Merge in Tata Steel :-Tata Group is an Indian multinational conglomerate. Headquartered in Mumbai, the group does business in 150 countries across 6 continents and by 2022 the annual revenue of the Tata Group was US$128 billion. In 2018, it contributed about 4 percent of the country’s GDP and paid 2.24% of the total taxation in India, the highest by any corporate group.

Tata Group has 29 publicly listed companies such as: Motors, Tata Power, Tata Steel, Voltas, Titan Company, Tanishq, Tata Chemicals, Tata Communications, Trent, Tata Alexi, Indian Hotels Company, Air India, Taj Air, Tata Cliq, Tata Capital , Croma and Tata Starbucks etc. |

Biggest Merger of Tata Group

Tata Steel Mega Merger: A decision has been taken by the Tata Group which is causing a big stir in the market. Tata Group has decided to merge all its metal companies into Tata Steel Tata Group The Tinplate Company Of Ltd., Tata Metaliks Ltd., TRF Ltd., Indian Steel & Wire Products Ltd., Tata Steel Mining Ltd. and S&T Mining Company Ltd. to be merged with Tata Steel tata steel mega merger

Tata Group The investor benefited from this decision of more than Rs 5,000 crore as this Mega Merger saw a jump of more than 4 percent in the stock of Tata Steel. Tata Metaliks merger record date

How much income of which company in 2022

  • Tata Steel ₹2,43,959Cr.
  • Tata Steel Long ₹6,802Cr.
  • Tinplate ₹4,250Cr.
  • Tata Metaliks ₹2,746Cr.
  • TRF LTD ₹127Cr.

Mega Merger is the reason for tata steel mega merger

There are many reasons for doing the biggest merger of Tata Group, but the biggest reason is that Tata Group wants to make its Tata Steel company bigger, ie one wants to make a very big brand Efficiency, Synergy and Tata Steel brand by Tata Group. decided to strengthen

And out of the companies included in this Mega Merger, five are listed and 2 are unlisted companies and many of these companies are mining and metal companies. You will get to see the benefit of royalty payment of Rs.

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Swap Ratio in this Merger of Tata Group

For the approval of this Mega Merger, the report was sent to the board of all the companies, then the board has approved the swap ratio for the five listed companies, in which the swap ratio of the shares will be in this way, 10 of Tata Steel Long Products (TSLP) to the investors. In exchange for the share, 67 shares of Tata Steel will be available.

Similarly, for 10 shares of The Tinplate Company of India Limited (TCIL), 33 shares of Tata Steel, 10 shares of Tata Metalinx, 79 shares of Tata Steel and 10 shares of TRF Limited will be exchanged for 17 shares of Tata Steel and The board has approved the share swap ratio based on the report of Independent Values.

Which stocks have lower circuits and which ones are faster with this Merger?

  • Shares of Tata Steel have gained 2% today and it has increased from Rs.104 to Rs.108.
  • Shares of Tata Metaliks have declined by 4% to Rs. 802 has come down to Rs.772.
  • Shares of Tata Tinplate have declined 7% and are priced at Rs. 338 reduced from Rs. Arrived at 313.
  • Shares of Tata Steel Long Products fell 10%. There is a lower circuit in the stock. Share Rs. It has come down from Rs.749 to Rs.673.
  • There is a lower circuit of 5% in TRF shares. Share Rs. 375 reduced from Rs. has arrived at 357.

how much stake in which company

Tata Group has approved Mega Merger in Tata Steel of 7 metal companies, in which the stake of Tata Steel will be different within all the companies like: Tata Steel holds 74.91% stake in Tata Steel Long Products Limited. Similarly, 74.96 percent stake is in The Tinplate Company of India Limited, 60.03 percent in Tata Metaliks Limited and 95.01 percent in The Indian Steel and Wire Products Limited. tata steel mega merger

and Tata Steel Mining Limited and S&T Mining Company Limited its wholly owned subsidiaries. companies and the subsidiaries of Tata Steel will have 34.11 stake in the company TRF Limited.

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