Taliban Pakistan Relations: Every Afghan hates Pakistan, if there is an attack, our fidayeen is ready… Taliban’s open threat

Kabul: Tension between Pakistan and Taliban is at its peak these days. Both sides are fighting each other in the name of border dispute, terrorism and sovereignty. Meanwhile, a senior Taliban official has given an open warning to Pakistan. Taliban General Abdul Basir Sherzadi has released a video slamming Pakistan. Describing the history of Afghanistan, Sherzadi said that we know how to protect it. He even said that every Afghan hates Pakistan. Earlier, Taliban commander General Mujeeb also attacked Pakistan fiercely. He had even said that Pakistan should change the name of Quaid-e-Azam Jinnah who was a drunken Englishman. Only Prophet Mohammad is Quaid-e-Azam. The capital of Pakistan is Islamabad while there is nothing Islamic there. These days the Taliban is also furious over the closeness of Pakistan and America. The Taliban allege that Pakistan has made an agreement with the US on the use of its airspace.

What did General Abdul Basir Sherzadi say in the video?
Taliban General Abdul Basir Sherzadi said in his video that Afghanistan has a history of 5000 years and we know how to protect it. Every Afghan hates Pakistan. He warned Pakistan that if you attack us, our suicide bombers are ready to fight you. We have thousands of suicide bombers who will destroy your homes. We will make Islamabad our second capital. Sherzadi also said that you cannot kiss the snake, because the snake will bite you in the end.

Taliban had threatened Pakistan earlier also
General Mujeeb of the Taliban is a well-known face of television in Afghanistan. He has often been seen in TV debates taking the side of the Taliban. He had said in a TV debate a few days ago that Pakistan deliberately delays the export of our fruits from across the border. Thank Allah we will no longer need Karachi or Gwadar port. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has signed an agreement with Iran to use the Chabahar port. Pakistan always harms Afghanistan, no matter who is in power.

Tension in Pakistan-Afghanistan over Durand Line
Afghanistan does not recognize the Durand Line as the boundary line between the two countries from the beginning. The Taliban also refuses to recognize the Durand Line as an official border line. The Afghan side believes that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan of Pakistan are part of them. However, Pakistan is not ready to accept this claim. Not only this, Pakistan is also fencing the Durand Line, due to which there have been several clashes with the Taliban.

Taliban is also infuriated by US drone attacks in Afghanistan
The Taliban is also furious over the secret deal between Pakistan and America. In the Taliban government, Defense Minister Mullah Yakub had openly spoken about Pakistan taking the name of Pakistan. He said that we know where American drones are coming from. The US killed Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in a drone strike in Kabul. Apart from this, in the operation against TTP terrorists, the Pakistani army is attacking inside Afghanistan.


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