Big disclosure on the friendship between Qatar and Taliban terrorists, know how Haqqani network helped for the World Cup

Doha: The British media has made a big disclosure related to the ongoing Football World Cup in Qatar. In a special report from The Telegraph newspaper, it has been said that the Taliban’s help has been taken in the construction of the stadiums in Qatar where the World Cup matches are being held. Taliban have … Read more

What happened to me, should not happen to anyone else… Moshe was only two years old in 26/11 attack, Aaya saved his life

Jerusalem : Moshe Holtzberg, an Israeli teenager who lost his parents in the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, has urged the international community to find ways to combat terrorism. They want that what has happened to them should not happen to anyone else. Moshe, who was two years old at the time of 26/11 attacks, is … Read more

Muslims around the world should stay away from Qatar’s FIFA World Cup… Terrorist organization Al-Qaeda threatens

Doha:The FIFA World Cup 2022 has started in Qatar. Football fans from all over the world are reaching the Gulf countries to participate in it. Meanwhile, the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda has appealed to Muslims around the world to stay away from the FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar. However, al-Qaeda has not made … Read more

Turkey bombed Iraq and Syria, wreaked havoc with F16, took revenge for terrorist attack

Ankara: Turkey’s Defense Ministry has claimed that their military aircraft have targeted targets in northern Syria and Iraq. This action has been taken after six people were killed and 80 were injured in the explosion in Istanbul. Turkey’s Defense Ministry announced the raid on Sunday in a statement on Twitter. Turkey’s Defense Ministry tweeted early … Read more

Israel deploys robotic army in West Bank, can fire remotely from afar

Israel Palestinians Dispute: Local people and Palestinians are scared about Israel’s new robotic weapons. They say that these guns can be misused or hacked. The local people are also scared about their deadly use. At the same time, Israel has claimed the use of only ‘non-lethal’ ammunition. , Source link

Istanbul Blast: Turkey’s Istanbul city rocked by bomb blast, six killed, 53 injured, search for suspected woman

Istanbul: An explosion has been seen in a busy area of ​​Istanbul city of Turkey. At least six people have died and 53 have been injured in this blast. Turkish officials have confirmed this. Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya said the explosion occurred at 4.20 p.m. local time on a shopping street in the Taksim Square … Read more

Iran blames America for deaths in Corona period, alleges not being able to provide treatment due to sanctions

Tehran: Thousands of Iranians died during Kovid-19 due to US sanctions. Saying this, a top official of Iran’s Human Rights Commission has blamed America for this. The remarks were made by Kazem Garibabadi, secretary of the Iranian High Human Rights Council and deputy head of the Iranian judiciary for international affairs, while speaking to Iranian … Read more

Bus falls into canal in Egypt, 21 passengers killed, accident caused by steering wheel failure

Cairo: A major bus accident has been witnessed in Egypt. Here a bus full of passengers fell into the canal, due to which at least 21 people died. The rest of the people on the bus were injured. Around 35 people were traveling in this bus. The country’s health ministry has confirmed the deaths. The … Read more

Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu, fond of butter chicken, had moved forward because of an Indian restaurant.

Tel Aviv: There is a restaurant in Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel, ‘Tanduri Tel Aviv’ and this place is the favorite of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This place has a history of its own. It was at this place that Netanyahu took his wife Sara on a date for the first time. The owner … Read more

Nikah Mutah… a malaise that gives fundamentalists a contract of sex with Muslim women, nothing less than a curse

Riyadh : Every religion has its own beliefs and practices which are followed by its devotees. But it is also true that there are some such evil practices in every religion, which are used by the orthodox people to exploit the weaker sections. Today we will talk about one such evil practice which is no … Read more