Swapna Shastra: What is the sign of seeing pilgrimage and temple in dreams, know


The dream of pilgrimage indicates towards the grace of God on you.
It is of great importance to see a quiet temple in the dream.

Swapna Shastra: Dreams come to a person while sleeping. Dreams bring auspicious and inauspicious signs of events that will happen in our future. In Swapna Shastra, the importance of events happening in dreams and their signs have been explained in detail. Some dreams give us bad signals while some dreams tell us about the good things happening in our lives. In such a situation, if a dream is seen of pilgrimage, darshan of a god or going to a temple, then it is very auspicious. So let’s know about the importance of these dreams.

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see pilgrimage
Pandit Indramani Ghansyal It is said that if a person sees a pilgrimage in a dream, then this dream is very auspicious. The dream of pilgrimage indicates towards the grace of God on you. It is said that the blessings of those gods and goddesses shower on you, whose place is seen during the pilgrimage. You may get some good news in the coming few days. The way of your progress can open.

view of the quiet temple
Seeing a quiet temple in a dream is considered auspicious. According to dream science, if you see a peaceful temple in your dream, it means that you are upset with life and you need peace. Such a dream indicates that the troubles of your life are about to end and happiness is about to be attained.

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view of white temple
According to dream science, if a white temple is seen in the dream along with the idol of Lord Ganesha, it means that you are going to be blessed by Lord Ganesha. To dream of a white temple is auspicious. This is an indication that you will get financial benefits soon in the future.

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