Surya Gochar 2022: Sun’s transit on July 16, know who will get wealth, success and good fortune

Sun transit in Cancer (Surya Gochar) It is going to happen on the night of 16th July. Sun God will enter Cancer on Saturday night at 11:11 pm. This is the Cancer Sankranti of the Sun. Sun transit in Cancer (Sun Transit) Doing this will affect all the 12 zodiac signs. For those whose Sun is strong, situations of profit can be created and for those who are weak, new challenges can come in life. Astrologer of Tirupati Dr. Krishna Kumar Bhargava Telling about the effect of Sun’s zodiac change on your zodiac sign.

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Sun transit 2022 effect on zodiac signs

Aries: With the transit of Sun in Cancer, the sum of buying a new vehicle is being made, while there can be success in the old case of property. Take care of mother’s health. Do yoga to avoid stress.

Taurus: You can get success by changing the zodiac sign of the Sun. There is a possibility of getting a job abroad. There will be an increase in rank and prestige. Avoid arguments with brothers.

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Gemini: The transit of Sun is going to be mixed for you. There can be a conspiracy against you at the workplace, it is better to do your own business. Anger will spoil the work. Don’t let stress take over. Property related matter can be resolved.

Cancer: Sun’s zodiac change will be beneficial for you in some ways. You can get a new job or you can get some help from senior officials. Health will have to be taken care of.

Leo: Transit of Sun can create new challenges for you at the financial level. There may be a situation of financial crisis. Take care of the health of elders. For success in education and competition, you will have to work harder.

Virgo: Sun’s zodiac change will prove beneficial for you. With the increase in income, the financial condition will be better than before. You can start some new work. Child birth is being done.

Libra: The transit of Sun is successful for you, but the health of the parents will have to be taken care of. At this time, whatever work you do thoughtfully, you can be successful in it. Full cooperation of officials will be received.

Scorpio: Sun’s zodiac change is going to increase your good fortune. Success will be achieved if the plans are done secretly. Interest in religious work will increase. Will be successful in dealing with challenges.

Sagittarius: By the grace of Sun God, your position, fame and fame will increase. Success can be achieved in the matter of property. Take care of health. Avoid getting into arguments. Work carefully at workplace.

Capricorn: You may see positive changes in your business or career due to the influence of Sun. Talks can be made on a new deal, which will improve the economic situation.

Aquarius: Due to the change in the zodiac sign of the Sun, the sum of progress is being made in your business. There can be tension from the child side. For success in education and competition, more hard work is required.

Pisces: The transit of Sun can prove to be beneficial for you. The economic side will be strong with the increase in prestige. Old money can be returned. It is the yoga of getting a child.

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