Subsidy Offer: Papaya cultivation will break all records of earning, get 75% subsidy offer on per hectare expenditure

Subsidy Offer: By doing papaya cultivation, the avenues of earning will open, you will get 75% subsidy on the expenditure per hectare. In today’s article, we are going to share some important things related to papaya cultivation with all of you readers. If you are also willing to do some activities to earn, but are completely deprived of the fact that after all there is more income, then what activities you can do, then you do not need to be worried.

Today, through this article, we are going to discuss a very good business idea with all of you readers. Which state do you belong to, tell us by commenting now so that we can get information about where the readers reading our article are from.

Benefits of papaya cultivation :-

Papaya, almost all of you readers must have eaten it at one time or another. Papaya is seen as a miraculous fruit which has many benefits. Related to this, a very good news is coming out from the Bihar State Government, on behalf of which the government will give financial grant of up to 75% to the farmers for the cultivation of papaya.

If you are thinking of this business as modest then do not forget this because if you start papaya farming business then it will break all the records of earning.

Papaya Cultivation in India :-

In our country India, papaya is cultivated on a very large scale, which can only fulfill the needs of the country and the world. For your information, let us tell you that this fruit is the only cure for hundred diseases.

Which can also become a very good source of income for farmers along with Ayurvedic medicines. For your information, let us inform you that it is cultivated in the states of Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Assam, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand and Mizoram etc.

Papaya has completely changed the picture of farmers as well as Naxal affected areas and tribal society. In view of the miraculous properties of this fruit, now farmers are also being encouraged to cultivate it. As we have told you that the Bihar state government has talked about giving up to 75% subsidy for papaya cultivation.

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Subsidy available in papaya cultivation :-

Under the Integrated Horticulture Development Mission, which has been issued through the Bihar Agriculture, Horticulture Directorate, farmers of the state are being provided incentives for the cultivation of papaya.

As we have already told that if the farmers present in the state of Bihar decide to cultivate papaya, then up to 75% subsidy is done by the government. Let us tell you that if a farmer plants papaya crop in at least one hectare of land, then the cost involved in this comes to about ₹ 60000.

It is favorable for the farmers cultivating papaya :-

Under the Integrated Horticulture Development Mission (MIDH), the government is giving up to 75% grant per unit to the farmers who want to cultivate papaya. If you want to get more information related to this, then for this you can contact the Assistant Director Horticulture of your district.

Apply as follows :-

  • If you want to get the benefit of subsidy on papaya cultivation under Integrated Horticulture Development Mission, MIDH, which is run through the state of Bihar, then for this you first need to go to its official website. Will be
  • You can easily visit its official website through
  • If the farmer wants, he can easily contact the Horticulture Department’s office or Assistant Director Horticulture located in his nearest district for all the information about the subsidy along with the technology for the cultivation of papaya.

Cultivate papaya in this way:-

If the farmer cultivates papaya, then what can he produce according to 40 kg per tree in every season. About 2250 saplings of the parent can be planted in one hectare of farmland. From the heart that about 900 quintals of fruits can be produced in every season.

Let us tell you that another income can be obtained from this area by cultivating vegetables and pulses like peas, fenugreek, French beans and soybeans in oxygen. In this way the farmer got double benefit.

When it is the season of papaya, then the papaya will not only get the benefit, but the farmer will not be harmed due to the absence of papaya season. At that time he can also get benefit by planting seasonal crops in that area. We have mentioned above some of these seasonal crops.

There will be no loss :-

If you cultivate papaya then you will not suffer from it. Because for the cultivation of papaya trees have to be planted and trees do not have the same problems as wheat and paddy crops.

That is to say that they do not have much effect due to less or more rainfall. These will just require a little care from time to time and then become the way to make more profit in less time.


Through this article, we have provided you a lot of information about the cultivation of papaya. We hope that you have liked all the information provided by us very much. If you want to ask us any question or want to give some suggestion to us, then you can easily do this work through comment.

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