Strange News: The man drowning in the sea with the help of the ball … The man who was swimming after holding the football for 18 hours, is no less than the film, the story ahead

Athens: One after the other astonishing events keep happening in the world. But there has been an incident in Greece which is nothing short of a miracle. It will sound like a movie story. Here a man trapped in the sea swam in the sea for 18 hours with the help of football. It may sound strange, but this incident is true. On Saturday, this tourist was stuck in large streams on the Mayti beach of Cassandra, Greece.

The name of this person is Ivan (30), who is from North Macedonia. When no news of his discovery came, the friends got worried. He reported to the Coastguard about his loss. Later he was declared Lost at Sea. The coastguard may not find him in time, but a baby ball miraculously saved him.
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floated holding the ball for 18 hours
When Ivan was caught in the waves, a ball came floating near him. He grabbed the ball to save himself. Ivan held on to the ball until it was spotted by the Coast Guard. During this, he had been swimming for a full 18 hours with the help of the ball, not one or two. Ivan was pulled out of the water on Sunday. But along with him was also lost a friend of his, Marnit Jowanowski, who is yet to be found.
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The ball floated 80 km away
This wonderful story of Ivan has been extensively covered by the Greek media. Ivan, his father and Cassandra Mayor Nastassia Chalkea posed with the ball. When the photo was rapidly seen in the media, a mother recognized the ball. He told that when he saw the ball on TV, he found it like the ball of his children. This ball belongs to his sons which was lost 10 days before Ivan’s rescue. The ball was lost on Lemnos Island, which is 80 km from Ivan’s loss site.


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