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Story of Panchatantra : Blue Jackal

Neela Siyar Panchatantra Ki Kahani in Hindi

There lived a jackal in a forest, but he often ridiculed fellow jackals. used to fight with them. He did not like indigenous animals like jackals, dogs. He considered himself the best of all. Because of this, he would often tell others about the things between the jackals, due to which everyone started falling apart.

One day everyone thought of teaching it a lesson. He thought that if we beat it a little, then it would be understood. After all, it is your job to improve your own self. Thinking like this, all ran to kill him by bringing bamboo sticks. Seeing them coming towards him, the jackal started running. and entered the bucket of a blue cloth. When he came out, it was completely blue. Seeing him, no one could recognize him. Seeing the blue colored animal on the contrary, everyone was running away in fear from him. He was enjoying seeing this. Now he started frightening everyone by bathing with blue cloth every day.

One day he thought to take revenge on other jackals. He went to the forest and convinced all the big animals that God had sent him by making him the master of all. Everyone was afraid of him. Even lions and cheetahs. Everyone obeyed him and made him their king. The jackal also appointed all the mighty animals to good positions like the lion as the minister, the cheetah as the commander etc. and other jackals whom he hated. drove them out of the forest. The jackal was very happy with his intelligence, he had thrown out of the forest all those who were thinking of teaching him a lesson. His revenge was complete.

The arrangement of the forest was going very well. After hunting all the animals and bringing them in front of the blue jackal, he used to divide them. Everyone was afraid of him, so he used to take whatever he gave quietly.

One day everyone was sitting around the blue jackal. Then came the shouting of other jackals from afar. Hearing the sudden sound, the blue jackal forgot and started shouting in the same voice. On that day everyone understood that this is not a king sent by God but a deceitful jackal.

All the animals surrounded him and the angry animals killed him.

This story of the blue jackal teaches the same thing that one who does not trust his people but trusts others has to face the wrong consequences.

This is the lesson from the story that one should never trust others except oneself. This is what the blue jackal did. His companions just wanted to show him the right path by punishing him for his mistake, but other animals did not listen to him and he killed |

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