Stock Market Live today Sensex down in the market 150

Stock Market Live: Sensex fell by 150 points in the market, Nifty near 17700

Stock Market Live Today: Due to the decision taken by the Fed, there has been a huge decline in the market all over the world and that is why the Indian stock market also opened today with a fall, the Sensex is trading at the level of 59,037, down 419 points. Whereas Nifty is trading 110 points down at 17,608.

The biggest reason for the decline in the global market is the continuous increase in interest rates by the US central bank, increasing the interest rates by 0.75% and now this interest rate and due to this the whole market is fluctuating but when it comes to India stock, IT There is good selling in banking and financial stocks, due to which there is a decline in the stock.

And on the contrary, buying is seen in FMCG and Metal stocks, due to which this sector is looking good, but it has been said that this interest will continue to increase and it will be 5%+ till 2024, which will affect the market.

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