Starlink Satellites behind the mysterious light in the sky, know what is the whole matter

New Delhi: A mysterious light has appeared in the sky in Lucknow and Lakhimpur Kheri, the capital of UP. Everyone is surprised to see this. Some are telling it to the train and some even to the entry of aliens. But it is none of these. This thing, which looks like a row of stars, is actually a satellite of the company of the world’s richest industrialist Elon Musk. According to scientists, it can be seen in many places in the country even further.

The viral video in which rows of stars are seen is from the night of 12 September. In this video, lights were seen burning from a line in the sky. Many people have captured its footage. It is also going viral on the internet indiscriminately. According to experts, this thing, which looks like bright lines in the sky, is a chain of small 53 satellites, ie satellites, launched by Tesla and SpaceX, the company of American industrialist Elon Musk.

Think Starlink Satellite like this

These are called Starlink satellites. Which revolve around the Earth’s low orbit. They are only 550 km away from the earth, that is why they are visible to us and we feel like a train flying in the sky. Actually Elon Musk sends these satellites into space every other month with his Falcon-9 rocket. In the second phase of this two-stage program, the rocket places the Starlink satellites in the lower orbit of the Earth. The places on earth where internet facility is not good. These satellites are used to provide better facilities there. He also said that such figures will be seen more in India.

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Star Link provides Internet service with the help of a large network of satellites. It connects remote areas with fast internet. Satellite internet means providing internet to a large area from a big balloon in the sky or from a very big tower. With this, internet will be easily accessible in remote villages. Let us also inform here that Musk’s company Starlink had also taken booking for this service in India. But due to lack of permission, the plan has been put on hold for the time being.

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