‘Shri Ganesh’ should invest in the fall of the market, experts said – for better returns, new investors should invest in these mutual funds


Experts have advised investing in hybrid mutual funds in a phased manner.
Investors should invest for long and medium term goals.
There has been a big fall in the stock market in the last one week.

Mumbai. Fall of the stock market in the last minute of the year 2022 (Stock Market Crash) has caused heavy losses to the investors. In the last 1 week, about 19 lakh crore rupees of investors were lost in this big fall. From traders to investors, the wealth of every class of people has decreased due to this decline. Mutual Funds and SIP (Mutual Fund & SIP) The portfolios of investors investing through FDI have also taken a big hit. However, experts say that the current slowdown will not have much impact on long-term mutual fund SIP investors. At the same time, many investors are now looking for new investment opportunities.

If you are also looking for an opportunity to invest in the stock market through mutual funds, then the fall in the market has brought a great opportunity to start investing. Many market experts have said this and they are giving investment advice through different types of funds.

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Invest money in which mutual fund?
According to market experts, those new investors who were waiting for the market to fall from record highs have a good option to invest through hybrid route or Balanced Advantage Fund. However, he added that hybrid funds try to time the market and hence a new investor should not invest all the money in one go. Experts have advised investors to invest in hybrid mutual funds in a phased manner by dividing the money into 6-12 parts.

How can hybrid funds be suitable for new investors in a falling market, reports Mint? On this, Sahil Kapoor, Product Manager, 360 One Wealth said, “Investors should now be ready for long term investment and for this hybrid funds are a good option.

money will be made in the long run
Offering investment advice to medium to long term Mutual Fund SIP investors, Abhishek Dev, Co-Founder & CEO, Epsilon Money Mart said, “We believe existing investors should continue with their investments if it is a medium to long term investment horizon. There is a good chance to meet the target.

Recommending new investors to invest in hybrid mutual funds, Abhishek Dev said, “New investors who were waiting for the fall to invest in the market can now get good returns by investing in the hybrid route.”

(Disclaimer: The opinions given here are based on the advice of market experts. If you want to invest, first consult a Certified Investment Advisor. News18 will not be responsible for your profit or loss of any kind.)

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