Should people with high blood pressure drink tea? know here

Drinking Tea In Hypertension: People like to drink tea a lot in India. It is believed that tea is the most consumed drink in the whole world after water. One reason for this is that tea gives energy and also gets rid of lethargy. Drinking tea also reduces appetite. There are many such benefits of drinking tea. There can be many variations of tea like green tea, chamomile tea, black tea etc.

There are also some types of tea in which anti-oxidants are found and they are really very beneficial for health. In some studies, it has been seen that consuming green tea prevents cancer formation, lowers the level of high blood pressure and also reduces the risk of heart diseases. Let us know whether tea should be drunk in high blood pressure?

What is reality?

medicalnewstoday According to the study, antioxidants found in tea, known as catechins, open the protein channels of smooth muscle cells. Due to which the blood vessels line up. It also replaces potassium ion. In this way, tea is helpful in reducing hypertension i.e. high blood pressure and in reducing many diseases related to heart like heart attack, heart failure.

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Can milk tea also benefit?

Generally, Indian people like to drink tea with milk, but by consuming this tea, KCN Q5 channel is not activated. Because of this, this tea is not as beneficial as other teas.

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However, this does not mean that you should avoid milk tea and drink green tea or other teas to get all the benefits. You can also continue drinking it but do not consume it excessively.

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