Shinzo Abe shot: Know who was the person who shot Shinzo Abe, why did he stand there even after the attack

TokyoFormer Japanese PM Shinzo Abe has been shot. Abe, who was delivering a speech on stage, was attacked at the same time. Abe has been shot twice and the attacker stood there. He didn’t even try to run away. There is no information about why Abe was attacked and who carried out this conspiracy. Abe is a leader who is respected by many world leaders. At present the attacker is in the custody of the police and he will be questioned. Abe is currently in the hospital and is undergoing treatment. His condition is currently said to be very serious.
The incident shook leaders around the world.

40 year old attacker
According to local media, the man who shot Abe is 40 years old. No information has been given by the local police on this. Shinzo Abe has been the longest-serving PM of Japan. He was elected the PM of the country at the age of 52. He also holds the record of being the youngest PM to his name. In the year 2020, he resigned from his post due to colitis disease.

Japan, where this incident happened, has the strictest gun laws in the world. The death toll in firing incidents every year remains only to the unit figures. Stengon is used to attack Abe. He was in an election rally when this incident happened.
Shinzo Abe shot: Shinzo Abe, a wealthy family and former PM’s grandson, started out as a factory worker, then became Japan’s most popular prime minister
It has been said by the local fire department that former PM Abe has also suffered a heart attack. The term cardiorespiratory is used by public broadcasters NHK and Kyodo until the death is officially confirmed by a doctor. No information has been given by the police on their condition, nor has the fire department said anything on it.

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