Shinzo Abe Global Times: Shinzo Abe attack

Shinzo Abe Attack China Global Times: China’s official siren Global Times has spewed venom after the attack on former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The Global Times said that after this attack, the right wing in Japan could flare up and the country could move towards war. Global Times is getting trolled a lot on his statement.

China’s official newspaper Global Times spews poison on Shinzo Abe


  • Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is fighting for life and death after deadly attack
  • World leaders are praying for Shinzo Abe but China has given a poisonous statement
  • The Global Times claimed that this attack would certainly provoke Japan’s right wing
Beijing: Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is fighting for life and death after a deadly attack. World leaders are praying for Shinzo Abe, but China’s state-run newspaper has spewed venom against Japan in this hour of crisis. The Global Times, quoting alleged experts, claimed that this attack would certainly provoke Japan’s right wing. Also, being more active can fight. Not only this, Japan’s economic crisis and social differences may arise.

The Global Times quoted the alleged analysts as saying, ‘The attack on Shinzo Abe will certainly provoke Japan’s right wing. Abe’s successors could use this event to promote their free and independent Indo-Pacific region, active participation in the Quad and NATO’s entry into East Asia. “This could enable Japan’s right wing to become more active and restart the war,” he said. That too in the midst of economic crisis and social differences. This attack on Abe could prompt a change in Japan’s pacifist constitution. This will have a great impact on foreign policy such as relations with China and the US.

Abe stood like a rock in front of China’s grandpa
Actually, it was Shinzo Abe who stood like a cliff in front of China’s grandeur and now the Global Times is taunting after the attack on him. Shinzo Abe made a lot of changes to the constitution, so that now the Japanese army is preparing itself for the war with China. Meanwhile, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said that Shinzo Abe’s condition was “critical” after being shot. PM Kishida has expressed hope for Abe’s recovery. Earlier on Friday, Shinzo Abe was shot while giving a speech during an election program in western Japan.
Shinzo Abe Health Update: Japanese PM Kishida wept while describing Shinzo Abe’s condition, said – will not forgive barbaric attack
Mokoto Morimoto, a local fire officer in Nara prefecture, said Abe was not breathing and had a heart failure while being taken by plane to a hospital. After this attack, PM Kishida has returned to the capital Tokyo from an election campaign site. He and Abe belong to the same political party. Kishida told reporters at the Prime Minister’s Office that Abe was being treated “excellently”. “I am praying wholeheartedly for the recovery of the former prime minister,” he said. Kishida described the attack as “cowardly and barbaric” and said the crime, which took place during the election campaign, was completely unforgivable. The police have arrested the suspect at the spot in Nara.

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