Shinzo Abe’s shooter arrested, know 5 things about the shooter

Shinzo Abe arrested for 'shooter', know 5 things about the shooter

The suspected shooter of Shinzo Abe was immediately arrested by the Japanese security forces

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was shot this morning while campaigning for an election in the city of Nara. The suspect who opened fire was arrested moments later.

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Here are five big things about the suspect who shot the former Prime Minister of Japan-

  1. The shooter who shot at Shinzo Abe has been identified on the basis of reports as Tetsuya Yamagami, who is a local person.
  2. Tetsuya Yamagami is 41 years old and is believed to be a former soldier
  3. It is believed that he was standing behind Shinzo Abe. About 10 feet away, when he fired.
  4. Shinzo Abe collapsed on the stage in the middle of the speech. Yamagami was caught by ground security.
  5. According to reports, he used a short gun. He has been charged with attempted murder.

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