Shashi Tharoor’s good fight for Congress President

There is a lot of discussion and discussion going on inside and outside the party regarding the election of Congress President, but so far the matter has not progressed beyond speculation. However, the date for filing nominations for the elections is September 24 to 30, so the formal announcement of the names of the candidates is not a big deal yet. The special thing is that leave the candidates, the confusion regarding the elections is not being erased. So far, the one candidate about whom the picture has become somewhat clear is Shashi Tharoor, who is considered a member of the party’s alleged dissident faction G23. But with but with the right, but he has publicly said that he is thinking of contesting for the post of party president. Two days ago, he also met the interim president of the party, Sonia Gandhi. According to reports quoting sources, Sonia told him that she would remain neutral in these elections and if she wanted Shashi, she would definitely contest.

If this news is to be believed to be true, it may reduce the confusion among the party circles. One of the major reasons behind this confusion is unconfirmed news or rumor that the current leadership of the party wants to make Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot the next president and he has also agreed to it. Even if there is some truth in this, then it is so clear from Sonia’s latest stand that the Gandhi family will not declare direct or indirect support for any particular candidate. The second and more important reason for the confusion in the party is the passing of resolutions one after the other by the state units appealing to Rahul Gandhi to become the next president. This process started from Gehlot’s own state Rajasthan and till now six state units including Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Maharashtra have unanimously passed this resolution.

When on one hand elections have been announced, the date for filing nominations is approaching, on the other hand this proposal of state units naturally raises the question as to what is going on in the party and what is the real intention of the party leadership. . Given the Congress’s policy so far, it is not unnatural to form an opinion that this whole exercise is being carried out to provide Rahul Gandhi with an excuse to change his mind. Another possibility is that regional leaders are doing this out of their own mind to prove themselves to be overly loyal. Whatever may be the truth and whatever the number of candidates may be, the election of the President as per the announced schedule and in a fair, transparent and credible manner is in the interest of the party.


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