Seeing Bhandara in a dream is auspicious sign or inauspicious? Know what the dream book says


Seeing a palace in a dream is also considered very auspicious.
Dreaming of a palace means that you will soon get money from somewhere.

Dream Interpretation: We all see many types of dreams while sleeping in our life. Some people have good dreams and some people have nightmares. dream book (Swapna Shastra) According to this, dreams have a deep impact in a person’s life. From these dreams, we get many good and bad signs for the coming times. Most of the dreams come to those people, whose sleep is very light. People who sleep in deep sleep see less dreams. Although dreaming is not in the control of a person. Today, through this article, we the residents of Bhopal Astrologer and Vastu Consultant Pandit Hitendra Kumar Sharma Telling that if you see Bhandara or Langar in your dream then what it means.

One kind of religious group food is called Bhandara. This is mostly done in the form of Prasad after Havan, Yagya or ritual of the deity. Many of us must have eaten Bhandara sometime in our life, but if we see Bhandara in our dreams or see ourselves eating food in that Bhandara, then it is considered very auspicious in dream science. . It is believed that if you see Bhandara in your dream, it indicates that you will get monetary benefits in the coming future.

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Similarly, seeing a palace in a dream is also considered very auspicious. Dreaming of a palace means that soon you are going to get money from somewhere and it is a sign that your financial problems will also go away in the coming days.

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Many things have been told in the dream book about dreams, one of which is to see your teeth breaking. If you see your own tooth breaking in your dream, it means that your poverty will soon go away and happiness will come in your life.

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