Sawan 2022: Buy these 5 things dear to Shiva at any time in Sawan, there is a lot of progress!

Sawan 2022: Buy these 5 things dear to Shiva at any time in Sawan, there is a lot of progress!

Sawan Shiv Favourite Thing: By buying these things during Sawan, one gets the special grace of Shiva.

Sawan Shiv Favorite Thing: The holy month of Sawan is going on. The holy month of Sawan (Sawan 2022) has started from 14th July. This holy month of Sawan, dear to Lord Shiva, will last till August 12. In this sequence, on 18th July i.e. today is the first Monday of Sawan (Sawan Somvar). Although every day of the month of Sawan is special for the worship of Shiva, but on the Monday of Sawan, special worship of Lord Shiva is performed. It is believed that by performing Jalabhishek or Rudrabhishek of Lord Shiva on this day, special blessings of Bholenath are obtained. Apart from this, there is a belief of progress in bringing home some things dear to Lord Shiva in Sawan. Let us know what things to buy in Sawan together with the blessings of Shiva.

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5 things dear to Lord Shiva you can buy in Sawan You can buy 5 things dear to Lord Shiva in Sawan

Shivling- Buying a small Shivling for the house in Sawan is considered auspicious. While buying Shivling for the house, devotees should keep in mind that its size should not be more than 2 inches. Apart from this, care has to be taken that the Shivling kept in the house should be worshiped regularly.

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Rudraksh- Rudraksha has a very special relationship with Lord Shiva. It is believed that Rudraksha originated from the tears of Lord Shankar. That is why it is said that bringing Rudraksh in the house during Sawan brings a lot of progress. Along with this, the grace of Lord Shiva remains on the family. Apart from this, wearing Rudraksha in Sawan destroys many diseases.

silver box- Bhasma is often used in the worship of Lord Shiva. It is believed that by offering ashes to Lord Shiva in Sawan, the sins of many births are cut away. At the same time, poverty goes away. In such a situation, buy a silver box in Sawan and keep ashes in it and offer it to Lord Shiva from time to time.

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Damru- In the month of Sawan, devotees perform aarti of Lord Shiva by playing Damru. It is believed that by praising Shiva by playing the damaru, Bholanath is very pleased. Also fulfills the wishes of the devotees. In such a situation, it will be auspicious to buy Damru during Sawan.

silver bracelet- According to astrology, it is very auspicious to buy a silver bracelet in the month of Sawan. It is a religious belief that buying a silver bracelet in Sawan removes poverty. Along with this, special blessings of Shiva are received.

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