Saudi Prince India: China’s new ‘friend’ Saudi Prince can increase India’s tension, preparing to invest in Pakistani CPEC

Riyadh/Islamabad: Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammed bin Salman can increase India’s tension amid strained relations with America. The Saudi Prince warmly welcomed Chinese President Xi Jinping to deliver a strong message to the US. Not only this, an agreement worth billions of dollars was also signed between Saudi Arabia and China. Saudi Arabia had also invited several Gulf countries for the summit with Xi Jinping. Now Pakistani experts claim that Saudi Arabia can make huge investment in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in Pakistan. This is the same CPEC which passes through PoK and India strongly opposes it.

Earlier there were reports that Saudi Arabia is going to set up an oil refinery worth billions of dollars in Pakistan. However, in view of the unstable situation in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia has not announced it. The Saudi Prince was about to visit Pakistan recently but his visit was cancelled. There is a lot of dispute between Saudi Arabia and America regarding oil prices and production. After the arrival of the Biden administration in America, the issue of Khashoggi murder is also troubling the Saudi Prince.
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China supplied weapons to Saudi Arabia

To deal with this crisis, Saudi Prince has now reached the shelter of China which is troubled by America. In recent years, China has greatly increased its investment in Saudi Arabia. China is the world’s largest oil importing country. Not only this, the defense relations between China and Saudi Arabia have also become very strong. China is also said to have supplied missiles to Saudi Arabia so that Mohammed bin Salman can deal with the threat of Iranian missiles. Pakistan armed with nuclear weapons has been close to both China and Saudi Arabia.

Pakistani experts say that Saudi Arabia’s Prince wants to strengthen his relationship with China and Pakistan by investing in CPEC. It has also been suggested that China-Saudi Arabia and Pakistan together should make the CPEC a symbol of their trilateral friendship. The Saudi Prince is increasing his relationship with China so that his dependence on America in the defense sector can be reduced.

India opposes CPEC project

Currently, Saudi Arabia imports 98 percent of its defense needs. Due to this, he is completely dependent on foreign weapons. India opposes the CPEC project which passes through Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. India says that PoK is its territory and China should stay away from it. At the same time, Saudi Arabia is a close friend of India at this time, now it will be important to see whether Mohammed bin Salman invests in CPEC or not. At the same time, China is trying to send a message to both America and India by bringing Saudi Arabia with it.


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