Saudi Arabia not UAE got Turkey’s dangerous Bayarktar drone, learn strategic game

AnkaraTurkey’s defense company Baykar has given the UAE the most dangerous Bayraktar drones. The company has delivered 20 drones to the UAE. These are the drones that Saudi Arabia was also trying hard to get. Sources in the Turkish government have said that this decision reflects the soft stance under which military connectivity will be increased. Turkey and the UAE have once been regional rivals. These drones are also called killer drones and they are said to be the most dangerous.

Why is the demand increasing
International demand for drone drones is increasing rapidly. This drone wreaked havoc in Syria, Ukraine and Libya. Since then, these drones had come in the eyes of everyone. The laser guided bomb present in these drones is its biggest feature. These drones helped push back UAE-backed forces two years ago. The ongoing civil war in Libya was the ground where the two countries struggled to exert influence in the Middle East. According to military sources, now the UAE and its partner Saudi Arabia hope that together with Turkey, they will be able to face the security challenges posed by Iran and its proxy forces.

continuing drone attacks
In the UAE and Saudi Arabia, where oil resources are plentiful, drone attacks on oil installations located in cities have increased in the recent times. According to Reuters, both countries have blamed Iran-backed Houthi fighters in Yemen for this. It has been told from a source that both the UAE and Riyadh were in talks to buy the Bayarqatar TB2 drone. During the talks, Turkey decided that 20 armed drones would be given to the UAE. UAE will get these drones this month. A senior Turkish official has confirmed that Turkey has delivered some drones to the UAE. Now UAE needs more drones from Turkey.

Saudi wants to set up factory
Saudi Arabia not only wanted these drones but also wanted to set up their factory. Bykar was considering the request of Saudi Arabia. According to an official, it was a strategic decision for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Apart from this, only he could take any decision on the construction of drones as well as investment in Saudi Arabia. There is no word yet from Buyer, the UAE’s Foreign Department and the government of Saudi Arabia.

The Bayaktar drone has given Ukraine a big strategic advantage over Russia. It is because of this drone that Russian soldiers have become weak. According to the company, 22 countries of the world want to buy this drone. In a month, the biker company produces about 20 biker drones. Orders for this drone have been booked for the next three years


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