Run Electric Car for Free by adopting Solar System, there will be a saving of up to 15 thousand every month

The demand for electric vehicles has increased rapidly due to the steep increase in the prices of diesel and petrol in the country. Due to this change, people are not only saving thousands every month, but the efforts to curb air pollution have also got new strength.

According to a report by Federation of Dealers Associations, the demand for four wheeler electric vehicles in India has increased by about 300 percent during the last one year and its number has increased to 2352. At the same time, the demand for two wheeler electric vehicles has also increased by more than 430 percent.

Who are the big players?

In the market, currently, the electric four wheeler segment is dominated by companies like Tata, Hyundai, MG and Mahindra, while in the two wheeler sector, many companies like Simple One, Ola, Hero, TVS, Okinama have launched cheap and affordable vehicles in the market. I have tightened my grip quite a bit. At the same time, many big companies are preparing to turn to electric vehicles.

What is the root cause?

Due to the rising prices of diesel and petrol in the country, people are turning to electric vehicles. There is also another reason for this that today people have become very aware about carbon emissions and global warming due to vehicles. Apart from this, the government’s policies like Faster Adoption of Electric Vehicles in India (FAME) and battery swapping policy have also led to a rapid increase in the sales of electric vehicles.

According to an information, in the last four months, the number of charging stations in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Bangalore has increased by 2.5 times. Along with this, the oil distributor companies have been given a target to install more than 22,000 charging stations by the government. It is clear from this that the demand for electric vehicles will increase further in the coming few months.

How much does charging cost?

If you are planning to buy electric vehicles, then it is also important to know about the cost of charging it. Let us tell you that the rates of electricity are different in different states of the country. For this reason, the cost of charging can also be different compared to other cities.

For example, if you charge your electric car in Mumbai, it will cost you Rs 15 per unit, while in Bangalore it will cost you around Rs 9.

Normally, 20 to 30 units of electricity is required to fully charge an electric car. Accordingly, you can easily spend 200 to 400 rupees on every charging.

On the other hand, if we talk about electric scooter, then it needs about 3 kWh of electricity to charge it fully. At this rate, it costs about Rs 45 to charge electric scooters once.

In this sense, charging electric vehicles using electricity can prove to be cheaper than diesel and petrol. But, you cannot be completely self-sufficient.

What is the remedy?

If you want to make your electric vehicles completely self-reliant and ensure additional savings of thousands of rupees every month, then switching to solar system could be the turning point for you. At the same time, the use of solar energy to charge vehicles can further curb the emission of greenhouse gases.

How would this be possible?

If you are looking for Solar Energy (Solar EnergyIf you want to make yourself completely self-sufficient in the matter of electricity, then you must definitely contact any solar company. They will send their engineer to you to give you the solution.

eCharge your car with Sun

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Engineer Analyze with you how much electricity you need. The maximum load required is during the day or at night. Where and how to install solar panels, etc. After understanding these things deeply, they will provide you a solution, which will remove all your hesitations. And, Loom Solar is fully equipped to help you out.

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