Rishi Sunak British PM: Rishi Sunak of Indian origin leading the race for Britain’s Prime Minister, only 4 people left in the field

LondonFormer Chancellor Rishi Sunak topped the voting among Conservative Party members of parliament on Monday, while his rival Tom Tugendhat dropped out of the race to become prime minister after receiving the least number of votes. The British Indian former finance minister received 115 votes in the third round of voting, with Trade Minister Penny Mordent coming second with 82 votes, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss with 71 votes and Cami Badenoch with 58 votes. The list is expected to shrink further in the next round of voting on Tuesday. Till Thursday, only two candidates will be left in the fray. By September 5, the winning candidate will take the oath of office as the new prime minister, replacing then-prime minister Boris Johnson.

what about mother-in-law Speak Sunak
Britain’s prime ministerial frontrunner Rishi Sunak said he is proud of the achievements of his Indian father-in-law – Infosys co-founders Narayana Murthy and Sudha Murthy. He hit back at the comments being made in a section of the media about his wife Akshata’s family assets.

During a heated debate on television, the 42-year-old former UK-born finance minister was asked about his wife’s tax affairs that hit the headlines earlier this year. Akshata had then voluntarily renounced her legal non-resident status to pay tax in the UK on her Indian income from the Infosys partnership as well. Sunak also faced questions about the status of his own US green card, which he had given up after months of taking over as chancellor.
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what is sunak’s dream
He said during a debate on ITV channel on Sunday night, ‘I have always been a UK taxpayer in general. My wife is from another country so she is treated differently, but the issue was resolved. Sunak said, ‘I have a comment about my wife’s family property. So, let me talk about it. .I am extremely proud of what my in-laws have achieved.’ He said that my father-in-law had nothing, just a dream and a few hundred pounds that my mother-in-law’s savings provided him.

Simultaneously he built one of the largest, most prestigious, most successful companies in the world that employs thousands of people here in the UK. Sunak said that this is a story that I am really proud of and as Prime Minister, I want to make sure that we can create more stories like him here. This debate took place between the remaining five contenders in the race to become the Prime Minister of Britain in place of Boris Johnson. Sunak is currently leading the race for the post of Prime Minister.


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