Read the correct answer to the question ‘I am 30 years old and want to buy a life insurance policy’

Life Insurance plan: I am 30 years old and want to buy a life insurance policy… This is a question that arises in lakhs of people in the country. People keep looking for the right answer to this question. We have brought the right answer to this question for you by talking to the experts. Life insurance plan helps you in securing the financial future of you and your loved ones. To buy it, you should look at all the available plans in the market and then take the right decision. Rather talking to a consultant is a much better option.

don’t be late
Many young people think about taking a policy that there is still a lot of time, they will take it later. They postpone the decision to take a life insurance policy. They think that the risk is very less and they do not take the policy. He doesn’t even save that money. As the age increases, so does the premium, so it is better to take the policy at an early age.

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Don’t be fooled by returns
While buying a life insurance policy, people fall in the trap of returns. People take such policies in which the returns are high. People start looking to see if there can be a policy in which life insurance is also available and the money invested can also be returned. That is, they start looking for a saving cum life insurance plan without taking term insurance and this is a big mistake.

policy time
Many people buy a short term policy because the premium is low. The reason for lower premium is shorter tenure as well as lower life risk. You should take a policy of minimum tenure, till you meet all the financial needs of your family. If there is a policy for a short time, keep renewing it.

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give correct information
Often people do not tell their illness or any other medical problem. People also hide that he smokes. Some people hide their family medical history. It is important that while taking an insurance policy, tell the truth about yourself, otherwise the family for whose benefit you are taking insurance, they will keep making rounds of the insurance company for claims. Your claim can also be canceled on the basis of a wrong information.

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