Railway Business Ideas: Earn 60-70 thousand rupees a month sitting at home by becoming a railway ticket agent

Railway Business Ideas: Earn 60-70 thousand rupees a month sitting at home by becoming a railway ticket agent, if you are also looking for any business idea, then you have come to the right place. Because today through this article, we are going to share some basic information with all of you readers, which will prove to be very helpful in your startup business.

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Today in this article we are going to discuss about such a business idea which can give you earning from ₹ 60000 to ₹ 70000 sitting at home. If you were looking for a business idea, then it would be appropriate for you to read this article till the end.

Less investment more profit:-

If you are also looking for a similar business idea in which you have to reduce the investment but the profit from it is very high, then we have brought such a business idea for you.

Let us tell you that by connecting with Indian Railways, you can earn up to lakhs of rupees in a great way. Along with booking train tickets through the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), a subsidiary of the railways, it also provides many such facilities which are used by the passengers.

Let us tell you that you can easily earn thousands of rupees every month with the help of IRCTC. You won’t need to go anywhere from then on. The only thing you have to do is become a ticket agent.

The way railway counters deduct tickets, in the same way you will also have to provide tickets to the passengers after deducting them.

If you travel by train then you are well aware that booking of train tickets is done through online mode apart from big ticket counter at the station. Online secondary use of ticket booking is used by most of the people.

IRCTC has entrusted the responsibility of booking Indian Railways online tickets to IRCTC. Some people do the work of booking tickets themselves by visiting IRCTC by creating a login ID in a limited number of people themselves.

Apart from this, if we talk about another way, then agent is used. This second method can also prove to be very beneficial for career.

In reality, if you want to earn around ₹ 60000 to ₹ 70000 every month by becoming a ticket agent of IRCTC, then it is very important for you or not to know how you can become one.

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Agents made like this:-

Make it clear to you in advance that travel agents are appointed for IRCTC ticket booking. These agents book train tickets according to the needs of the common people.

For booking the train ticket, the agent is paid a commission amount as decided by IRCTC. If you will also join IRCTC as an agent, then you will be provided with a login ID, you will have to book tickets through this in future.

To become an authorized IRCTC agent, you have to understand and follow some steps carefully.

First of all, you will have to take out your Aadhar card and keep your PAN card, apart from this, you will have to get an agreement prepared on a stamp paper. After that you will have to make a reminder of ₹ 20000 in the name of IRCTC, only after that you will have to deposit it in the bank.

IRCTC will see the security money collected through you when you come by suspending an agent login ID. If you have made up your mind to become an agent of IRCTC, then for this you will need to get the agent ID renewed every year.

At the time of renewing you will need to pay an additional amount of ₹ 5000. If we talk about the last step, in this you will also need to take a class personal digital certificate after becoming a service agent.

Earned so much money every month:-

IRCTC pays some commission to its agent on top of every ticket booked. On booking a normal ticket, the agent gets at least around ₹ 15 to ₹ 20. There are many cases in which more such are provided. If it is the season or the time of the vacancy, then the earning touches the figure of about ₹ 70000 to ₹ 80000.

Is this business profitable?

If you are thinking that this business is useless, then let us tell you that there is only one such business which will continue to provide you continuous profits. Because the number of people traveling by rail in our country is very high.

In such a situation, as long as the railway facilities are in existence, you will be benefited by them, due to this it is ensured that that business will not be a loss business. If you want, you can also gather more information for this and see it.

If you want to get more and more information related to this, then you can easily get all the information by visiting its official website.

conclusion :-

Thank you to all of you readers for reading this article till the end. Through this article, we have provided information about business through railways along with all of you readers. We hope that you have liked all the information provided by us very much. If you want to ask us any question or want to give any suggestion to us, then you can easily comment today.

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