Rahul Gandhi would like such a girl for marriage, told his choice in an interview


Rahul Gandhi gave interview to YouTube channel
Said- my life partner should have such qualities
Said- When I lived in London, I used to ride a bike

new Delhi. Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has said that he would like a girl for marriage who has the qualities of his grandmother Indira Gandhi and mother Sonia Gandhi. He made this comment in an interview with a You Tube channel. When Rahul Gandhi was asked about his relationship with his grandmother, he said, ‘She was the love of my life. She was my second mother. When asked if he would like to marry a girl with qualities like Indira Gandhi, he said, ‘It is an interesting question. I would like a girl in whom the qualities of my grandmother and mother are mixed.

He also said that he does not feel bad when someone calls him ‘Pappu’ because it is all a part of propaganda and those who speak like this are troubled and scared in themselves. He said, ‘This is part of propaganda. There is fear inside the person who is speaking, there is nothing in his life, his relationships are not going well. If he needs to abuse me, then abuse me, I will welcome you. Rahul Gandhi said, ‘I do not hate anyone. You abuse me… I will not hate you.

Used to drive RS 20 bike, he is the love of my life
He also discussed in detail about vehicles and bikes in this interview and told that he does not have any personal car of his own, but his mother has a car. He said, ‘When I used to live in London, I used to ride ‘RS 20′ bike, it is a love of my life.’ Rahul Gandhi used to say that he likes to ride a bicycle and once he liked a Lambretta (scooter). He also said that India is still lagging behind in electric vehicles and drones as the necessary infrastructure is not in place.

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