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Properties, advantages, disadvantages, how to eat, types of rajma [Red Kidney Beans (Rajma) Benefits (Fayde), Side Effects in Hindi]

Rajma is eaten with great fervor in Indian families, in which people are crazy about Rajma rice. Along with the test, it is also good for health. By eating it, the body remains strong. It is said that there is more protein in soy products, but let me tell you that kidney beans are the food of protein, it has more protein than soya products.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Rajma (Rajma Benefits and Side Effects)

Nutrients present in Rajma (100gm) –

protein 24 g
Energy 340 calories
Carbohydrate 56 g
Fat 1 g
magnesium 184 mg
Iron ,
Phosphorus ,
Vitamin B-9 ,

Benefits of Rajma ,Red Kidney Beans Benefits in Hindi,

Give energy

Rajma (Red) Kidney BeansBy eating, we get strength, because there is an excess of iron in it. Iron is most important for increasing metabolism and energy in the body. Oxygen flows smoothly in the body by eating it.

Keep weight under control

Calories are found in Rajma but are average, which can be easily eaten by a person of any age. Rajma should be eaten in soup and salad in lunch, you will get more benefit. Those who want to maintain their weight, they must eat kidney beans because it contains all kinds of nutrients.

Diabetes Control –

The fiber present in kidney beans maintains the metabolism in the body. It reduces carbohydrates, which lowers blood sugar.

Reduce cholesterol

Rajma (Red) Kidney BeansIt is helpful in reducing cholesterol in the body. The fiber present in kidney beans becomes gel-like in the stomach, which reduces cholesterol.

blood pressure control

Apart from the magnesium and potassium present in kidney beans, protein and fiber control blood pressure, as well as keep the heart beat normal. This protects the whole heart.

Strengthen the immune system –

Rajma is not only a mine of fiber and protein, but antioxidants are also found in it. This antioxidant strengthens the immune system of our body, which does not affect the infection in the body quickly.

Protect from diseases like cancer

The antioxidant present in kidney beans also works here and protects against cancer, it protects free radicals, as well as vitamins protect the cells, which is the main cause of cancer.

Cleanse the body from inside

By eating rajma, all the toxic elements inside the body come out, the stomach becomes completely clean by chanting. It solves minor problems like headache. Along with this, it also helps in digestion, kidney beans make soluble fiber in the stomach, so it is helpful in digestion.

sharpen the mind

Eating kidney beans strengthens the brain, memory also increases. Vitamin K present in it is very beneficial for the brain. Apart from this, the magnesium present in it also solves the problem of migraine. This problem goes away by eating once a week.

strengthen bone-

Rajma (Red) Kidney Beans) contains calcium, biotin and manganese which are very good for bones, nails and hair. Due to this the bones become strong, the nails are shiny and they do not break quickly nor do they get fungus. Similarly, this hair also strengthens, their fall is less and they become long black thick.

Excess of protein

Rajma contains high amount of protein. For those who do not eat non-veg, kidney beans are a good source of protein. By eating rajma with rice, it becomes a good meal and it gives all the nutrients to the body.

beneficial for hair and skin

Consuming kidney beans is also very beneficial for your hair and skin. Because vitamin-C is found in abundance in it, it will keep your hair healthy. Vitamin-C is also very good for our skin, so our skin remains healthy and healthy with kidney beans.

properties of kidney beans ,

Fiber is high – Fiber is very high in kidney beans, after eating it, you do not feel hungry for a long time and the body gets easily digestible fiber.

Disadvantages of eating rajma

Digestion trouble-

Due to the high fiber content, by eating kidney beans in large quantities, more fiber reaches your body than needed. This causes trouble in your digestive system, along with gas, diarrhea, stomach pain, intestinal pain etc.

Damages the organ

1 cup of kidney beans contains 5.2mg of iron, whereas your body needs 8-18mg of iron daily. If kidney beans are eaten in excess quantity, it disturbs the amount of iron in the body. This causes damage to the body’s organs, as well as increases the risk of brain, heart. This can lead to stroke problems.

how to eat rajma

You can make samji of rajma and say it with rice, it looks very tasty. In North India, it is very much liked to eat it in this way. Apart from this, if you want, you can also eat it by making kebabs.

types of kidney beans

Rajma, also known as kidney bean, has many varieties. It is eaten the most in North India, that too with rice. Because the people there love to eat Rajma rice.

Red beans

Red kidney beans which are very dark red in color and smooth. Most people like to eat it in salads and in spouts. Because it is included in the diet. People who do gym, they definitely eat it in salad.

Chitra Rajma

The seeds of this rajma are almond colored, some are small and some are big. Their vegetables are also made. Which is eaten a lot with rice. People like to eat it more, as well as its demand is also the highest.

Jammu Rajma

Jammu Rajma It is also known as Kashmiri Rajma. Their size is small. Its color is maroon color. It is mostly found in Jammu or Kashmir. Its taste is different from all these rajma. People also like to eat it with rice.

rajma seeds

Rajma seeds are small. Whose sowing is done in the fields by making a distance of 30 to 40 cm. Their seeds are of many types, so they are also sown in different ways. Like- Kashmiri Rajma, Chitra Rajma, Red Rajma. They are grown in different states. Therefore, their seeds are also of different types.

Rajma (Red) Kidney BeansChildren must be fed because it contains all kinds of nutrients which are very important in the growing age of children, it is tasty, soft, which children can chew easily. Apart from this gravy vegetable, you can feed it to your family members in the form of salad, soup, paratha and mix veg, every time making something different, your family will not get bored and eat it with taste, but keep in mind that the kidney beans are well cooked. Should have happened otherwise it can cause stomach pain. Make a habit of eating Rajma once a week from today itself.


Q: Where is Rajma eaten the most?

Ans: Rajma is most commonly eaten in North India.

Q: How many types of kidney beans are there?

Ans: There are many types of kidney beans such as Kashmiri Rajma, Chitra and Red Rajma etc.

Q: How can I eat Rajma?

Ans: You can eat rajma as a vegetable or even as a salad.

Q: What are the properties of Rajma?

Ans: Rajma is very beneficial for weight loss, diabetes, brain sharpness etc.

Q: How can I eat Rajma?

Ans: You can also eat rajma in the form of kebabs.

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