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Tulsi Leaf (Leaves) gun and Benefits (Fayde) and Side Effects in Hindi

The holy plant comes to mind on hearing the name of Tulsi. Tulsi plant is such a plant, which is found in almost every house in India, the biggest and the smallest man plants it in his house. In India, it is considered auspicious to plant it in your home. Apart from religious beliefs, there is also a scientific reason for this, Tulsi is very beneficial from the point of view of health. It is said that if there is Tulsi in the courtyard of the house, the diseased people are not able to enter the house. Every Hindu woman worships Tulsi in the morning. Tulsi has also been seen as a medicine since many ages, everything from its leaves to its fruit stem gives one or the other benefit.

Hindu people of India consider Tulsi as a goddess and worship her according to the rules and regulations. Tulsi Vivah is a very famous festival, which is celebrated after Diwali. Dev Uthani Ekadashi means Gyaras is celebrated in Hindus definitely offer Tulsi along with Prasad to God. Tulsi is also used in many medicines. We can easily get rid of many diseases by using it at home.

Properties of Tulsi leaves (Tulsi Leaves Gun)

1 By applying basil, the fragrance spreads around.
2 It removes internal problems of the body.
3 Prevents from cold and cough.
4 Purifies the air.
5 Digestive problems get resolved.
6 Gives freshness.

Tulsi Leaves Use

  • By grinding it and applying it on the face, acne scars and spots go away.
  • Drinking basil mixed with water increases the body’s immunity.
  • By eating this, the bad smell of the mouth disappears.
  • Basil oil is used in many pains.
  • Many beverages are made from Tulsi.

Tulsi Leaves Nutritional Value

The following nutrients are found in 1 cup i.e. 42 grams of basil leaves:

no,m, Nutrients Quantity
1. protein 1.3 grams
2. water 38.7 grams
3. ash 0.6 grams
4. total calories 9.8
5. Carbohydrates 1.1 grams
6. total fat 271 mg
7. calcium 75 mg
8. Iron 1.3 mg
9. sodium 1.7 mg
10. potassium 125 mg
11. magnesium 27 mg
12. phosphorus 24 mg
13. Vitamin Acek B6 respectively (2237 iu, 7.6 mg, 339 mcg, 176 mcg, 66 mcg)

Tulsi Leaf Benefits and Labh in hindi

There are many types of Tulsi which are shown below:

Tulsi Leaves Benefits for Health

reduce fever

Tulsi has antibacterial, antifungal and antibiotic properties, which are beneficial in reducing fever. Whether it is fever infection or malaria, Tulsi is capable of reducing it. In Ayurveda, it is mainly advised to drink Tulsi decoction at the time of fever. Drinking this really gives benefits very soon. This is especially good for children.

How to make decoction Put some basil leaves and cardamom powder in ½ liter of water and boil it till it reduces to half. You can also add milk and sugar to it. Now keep giving it to the patient every 2-3 hours.

Work against diabetes

Tulsi brings out the element which makes and maintains insulin in the body. Tulsi reduces blood sugar, which keeps diabetes under control.

Relieve stress

According to a research, Tulsi brings out the stress-increasing hormones in the body. It is also called anti stress agent. Tulsi helps all our cells to run normally, circulates blood well. In case of excessive stress, doctors also advise to eat Tulsi. In case of excessive tension, chew 10-12 basil leaves twice a day, the tension will reduce to a great extent.

Remove the problem of stones –

If there is stone in the kidney, that problem can be overcome by Tulsi. Kidney stones are mainly caused by the increase of uric acid in the blood. Tulsi is capable of reducing this uric acid. The oil present in Tulsi destroys this stone and Tulsi is also a kind of pain reliever, so it also gives relief from the pain caused by kidney stones. so it home remedies to get rid of gallstones Is.

How to use – Extract the juice of basil and mix honey in it. Now drink it daily for at least 6 months. The stone will come out of the kidney without any treatment.

Remove terrible diseases like cancer

Due to antioxidant properties in Tulsi, it provides relief in breast cancer and mouth cancer caused by tobacco. By chewing basil daily, cancer cells do not grow in the body.

Helpful in quitting smoking

Tulsi contains anti stress agents, which also help in quitting smoking. Decreased stress reduces the desire to smoke cigarettes, due to which you can easily quit smoking. As soon as the desire to smoke cigarettes wakes up, take some basil leaves and start chewing them, your desire will disappear within a short time. Apart from this, there is another advantage of chewing Tulsi, the damage caused to your body by smoking for so many years is recovered by Tulsi.

Increase immunity

Tulsi increases immunity in the body due to which cold, cough, flu, viral all these do not show their effect in the body. Drinking basil mixed with tea is very beneficial in cold and rainy days. You will be saved from every disease happening around.

remove the pain

Tulsi leaves can cure headache caused due to any reason. Tulsi contains elements to eliminate pain, by eating which you will get relief from all kinds of pain to a great extent. How to use- Take water in a vessel, put some basil leaves in it, now boil it. After cooling a little, soak a towel in it and squeeze it, now tie it on your head. Headache will be cured very soon. Apart from this, instead of basil leaves, you can also put basil oil in it.

Remove diarrhea and vomiting

Tulsi removes this problem easily. After diarrhea, grind some basil leaves and mix honey and cumin powder in it. Now give this to the patient every 2 hours. Will get a lot of rest. Apart from this, in case of vomiting, ginger juice and small cardamom powder should be mixed with basil juice and drunk. This home remedy to get rid of the problem of diarrhea Is.

other advantages
  • If you are troubled by asthma disease, then mix basil leaves with black salt and then keep chewing it.
  • Disease like leprosy is also cured by Tulsi. It gets cured by applying basil paste.
  • If you have earache or hearing loss, then put camphor in basil juice, then heat it lightly and put it in the ear, you will get relief very soon.
  • By chewing Tulsi, the memory capacity of everyone increases.

basil skin Tulsi Leaves Benefits for Skin

Basil benefits the skin, some of which are as follows:

  • Many cosmetic product companies use Tulsi as an ingredient in their products because it has anti-bacterial properties. Which protect the skin from bacteria.
  • Eating basil leaves dry or eating it in the form of juice purifies the blood, which makes your skin glow and glow. Along with this, the problem of acne is also cured, and the skin becomes healthy.
  • Applying gram flour and basil paste on the skin clears black spots. Rubbing basil leaves on the skin also removes black spots.
  • Boil basil leaves with mustard oil till it turns black. Then cool it and apply it on your skin. By doing this in cold weather, the skin gets healed immediately.
  • According to Ayurveda doctors, Tulsi is capable of solving even the biggest problems of the skin. For this, apply basil paste on the face regularly.

Tulsi Leaves Benefits for Hair

Tulsi is also good for hair, it has many benefits which are as follows:

  • Dandruff and itching are the main reason for hair fall, in such a situation, if a few drops of basil oil is applied daily, then this problem can be overcome.
  • Applying a paste of tulsi, hibiscus and neem leaves does not cause itching in your roots and also solves the problem of hair fall.
  • Hair gets energy by massaging with basil oil daily.
  • You should also eat Tulsi or drink Tulsi juice, because it also benefits hair.
  • Mix basil powder in coconut oil and massage it in the roots of the hair. Within a few days your hair will become long, thick and shiny.

Tulsi Leaves Side Effects

Tulsi has a unique advantage that eating it does not cause much side effects and can be easily installed in your home, which you can use whenever you want. But there are some disadvantages which are as follows:

  • It has been found that excessive consumption of Tulsi leads to excessive amount of eugenol, which causes a lot of harm. It is found in many harmful things like cigarettes etc. This causes problems like blood during cough, rapid breathing and blood in urine.
  • Tulsi is a blood thinner so it should not be taken with any other medicine.

I hope that by reading the benefits of Tulsi, you must have understood its usefulness and will use it from today itself. If it is not available in your house, then bring it from somewhere and plant it in the house today itself, you will feel the freshness in the house.

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