President Xi Jinping gave a statement for the first time on the uncontrollable situation due to Corona in China, said- save people’s lives


Situation uncontrollable due to corona cases in China, there was an outcry
The President reacted for the first time, said- save the people
China’s hospitals have five to six times more patients than normal

Beijing. The speed of Corona cases in China has created an outcry. It is estimated that about one million people may die in the next few months. According to the studies done in China, the fastest speed of corona in the world has been seen in China. Lakhs of people here are infected with the corona virus. Chinese President Xi Jinping has made a public statement about this for the first time. Regarding the situation arising out of Corona, he said, ‘We should start a patriotic health campaign in a better way and targeting Corona. The community defense line should be strengthened for epidemic prevention and control and practically protect the life, safety and health of the people.

President Xi Jinping asked the health officials to take practical steps to deal with the Corona epidemic. He has also urged for the safety of health workers. Actually now the corona epidemic has become uncontrollable in China. People say that the health system here is completely collapsing. Health workers have been accused of assaulting Corona patients and citizens. Here, according to reports, China’s hospitals are filled with five to six times more patients than normal, most of whom are elderly. The government is trying to meet the demand for medicines and other supplies in the country.

Government claims: no death due to corona
China has said that there has been no death due to Kovid for the last 6 days. The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention has said that no one has died in China due to corona or pneumonia caused by it. Here, China has once again corrected its definition regarding deaths due to corona. Now only deaths due to pneumonia and respiratory failure due to corona will be included in this. AFP reported that the ruling Communist Party and the State Council issued a notice to the authorities to ‘ensure the smooth and orderly adjustment and transition of epidemic prevention and control measures’.

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