Pralay Missile Hindi: India’s holocaust missile can cause devastation like Ukraine, know how different it is from Russian Iskander, Chinese Dongfeng

Moscow/Beijing/New Delhi: Chinese forces are trying to infiltrate India along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). But now Indian forces will have that dangerous weapon which will give a befitting reply to every attempt of China and Pakistan. Soon Indian forces are going to be equipped with missiles that can target China’s military bases even at night. Holocaust, the dangerous weapon of Indian forces which is equal to China’s Dongfeng-12 and Russia’s Iskander. The test of this missile with a range of 350 kilometers was done last year which was successful. Doomsday can wreak havoc on enemy bases even at night. This missile is the answer to China’s DF-12, Pakistan’s Ghaznavi, M-11 and Shaheen.

Iskandar’s havoc in Ukraine

The holocaust missile is being described as China’s answer to Dongfeng. This is also a container-launched missile like Dongfeng. Dongfeng is the Chinese version of Russia’s Iskandar. Iskandar is currently wreaking havoc in Ukraine. By easily transporting two Iskander missiles, the target present in the range of up to 500 kilometers can be destroyed. The range of holocaust is also between 150 to 500 kms. If sources are to be believed, the range of this missile can be increased if needed. Russia’s Iskander and China’s Dongfeng are both short-range tactical ballistic missiles. Russia’s Iskander is known by NATO forces as the SS-26 ‘Stone’.
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off the radar
The Iskander missile identifies its target through the Optical Digital Scene Matching Area Correlator (DSMAC). DSMAC works as missile guidance. With its help, the accuracy of the attack increases. Both Pralay and Iskander have an internal navigation system or satellite navigation. This clearly means that it is very difficult to intercept both the missiles. Terrain Counter Matching (TERCOM) system is installed in Iskander. This system makes the missile more dangerous. Because of this the missile does not miss to attack its target. Because of this, the missile flies at a lower level and because of this it cannot be caught by the radar.

Disaster of Chinese military bases
The deluge will enable Indian forces to target dual-use Chinese infrastructure and military bases in Tibet. China has built a strong network of roads, bridges, airports and railway lines in Tibet in recent years. Catastrophe is capable of destroying this infrastructure in the blink of an eye. This missile is also road mobile on the lines of China’s Donfeng. It has been designed only to target the enemy’s radar and communication systems. Apart from this, this missile can destroy the control center and advance airfield.


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