Postmortem will be done in Delhi government hospitals even after sunset, there is only one condition

new Delhi: The Delhi government has said that postmortem can now be done in the national capital even after sunset. The AAP government termed its decision as a ‘historic reform’. deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia has directed the in-charge of Delhi government hospitals to ensure all necessary arrangements at the mortuaries. He, however, said that in cases where there is suspicion of murder, suicide, rape, or foul play in the death, a provision has been made to conduct the postmortem only during the day.

The Deputy Chief Minister’s Office said in a statement that video recording of all postmortems would be done throughout the night and would be preserved for future reference and legal purposes. “Making a historic reform in the national capital, the Delhi government led by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has made postmortem of dead bodies possible even after sunset in Delhi,” he said.

Sisodia said this would not only change the situation for relatives of the deceased, who often have to wait long to receive bodies, but would also encourage organ donation and transplantation. In cases related to organ donation, postmortem will be done on priority basis, the statement said. It quoted Sisodia as saying that the Delhi government had sent a proposal to the central government for approval of postmortem in hospitals after sunset.


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