PM Modi in SCO Summit: Afghan is our friend… if help is stopped, PM Modi put Pakistan’s class in SCO

Samarkand: During the SCO meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi put a class on Pakistan fiercely. He told a lot to Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif about blocking aid to Afghanistan. PM Modi said that member countries should give transit rights to each other. While insulting Pakistan in gestures, PM Modi mentioned India’s development story fiercely. He told that India has a powerhouse of 70 thousand startups. We also offer assistance to other member states. Shahbaz Sharif himself was also present in this meeting, who was silently feeling the helplessness of his country.

PM Modi told the strength of SCO
PM Modi said that today the whole world is facing the challenges of economic recovery after the Kovid epidemic. In this context, the role of SCO is very important. He said that the member countries of SCO are contributing 30 per cent to the global GDP. 40 percent of the world’s population also resides in SCO countries.

Told Pakistan fiercely about the transit route
India supports greater cooperation and fostering mutual trust among SCO member states. The pandemic and the Ukraine crisis caused many disruptions in the global supply chain. Due to which the whole world is facing unprecedented energy and food crisis. The SCO should focus on developing a reliable and diversified supply chain in our region. This will not only require better connectivity, but it will also be important that we all give each other full rights of transit.

Told the story of India’s development to the world
We are making progress on making India a manufacturing hub. What makes India’s young and talented workforce naturally competitive. India’s economy is expected to grow at 7.5%. He also appreciated India’s role in food security due to the Russo-Ukraine War. PM Modi said that India has emerged as a medical tourism very fast. Today people from all over the world are coming to India for treatment. He also stressed on increasing cooperation on traditional medicine among the member countries.


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