PM Modi Birthday: Journey from volunteer to head servant, know what the horoscope of PM Modi says

PM Narendra Modi Birthday & Kundli Analysis : On 17 September 1950, at 11:00 am, a boy was born in Mehsana, Gujarat. Going ahead, this child became the Prime Minister of India, the world’s largest democratic power. Yes, we are talking about Shri Narendra Modi ji. The horoscope of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is of Scorpio ascendant and Scorpio zodiac. Mars, the lord of ascendant and zodiac, is not only making an interesting Mahayoga for them, but along with Moon-Mars yoga is also making Shatruhanta Yoga. Due to this, the opponents and enemies of Modi ji will never be able to spoil his hair. Due to Ruchak Mahayoga, the ability to take decisions is strong in the person, whose effect can be seen in the decisions taken for the Prime Minister. With Moon-Mars Yoga, a person appears simple in sight, but he is very agile in his daily activities, which we get to see in the daily work of Prime Minister Modi. Also, this yoga makes a person dear to discipline. Gajakesari Yoga is also present in the horoscope of PM Narendra Modi, due to which his personality looks like a lion.

  • In the horoscope, both Moon and Mars are sitting together in the Ascendant house. Mars is their Ascendant lord and is sitting in his own house, due to which Modi ji is moving ahead by defeating his opponents with self-confidence and courage. Due to this position of Mars, Modi ji can never forgive his opponents. When given a chance, he pacifies the opponents. Bhagyesh is making fortune by being situated in the Ascendant house with Moon’s Ascendant. It is a sign of Raja Yoga. The most important thing about the horoscope is that in the eleventh house, Karmesh Sun, Ayesh Mercury himself and Ketu are giving strength to the income house. Jupiter is in the 4th house and Venus and Saturn are in the karmic house.
  • The biggest feature of Prime Minister Modi’s birth chart is the presence of five planets in the central places. There is an even bigger Raja Yoga in which the Gajakesari Yoga formed by Jupiter in the center from the Moon is getting the support of Venus sitting in the center from the Moon itself. Jupiter sitting in the fourth house is aspected by Venus sitting in the tenth house, but both the planets are making this yoga manifold more powerful by looking at each other.
  • The secret of Shri Narendra Modi’s world fame is hidden in his yoga, that Mars situated in the ascendant is aspecting the fourth house. On the other hand, Saturn, the lord of the fourth house, is aspecting the fourth house. Remember, Saturn in the tenth house makes a person a little tough decision-maker. Napoleon Bonaparte, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, etc. had Saturn in the tenth house. He established himself very firmly in history.
  • Modi ji’s horoscope is equipped with many auspicious yogas. In the horoscope – Gajakesari Yoga, Musal Yoga, Kedar Yoga, Ruchak Yoga, Voshi Yoga, Bheri Yoga, Chandra Mangal Yoga, Neech Bhang Yoga, Amar Yoga, Kalaha Yoga, Shankha Yoga and Varishtha Yoga. Due to the influence of these auspicious planets, Narendra Modi got a chance to reach the senior most post of the country. After the ascendant house, the fifth house and the fate house are called triangle houses. The planet Rahu has established its authority on the fifth house.

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