PM-Kisan Yojana Beneficiary Status: Waiting for approval message visible on mobile, know what it means

PM-Kisan Yojana Beneficiary Status : Waiting for approval message appearing on mobile, here’s what it means. If we talk about the most necessary person for every person present in the country, then he is the farmer of our country. It is the result of their hard work that we get food from time to time.

It seems too much to imagine that if anyone stops doing agriculture by the farmers then what will happen then. Farmers provide huge contribution indirectly in our country as well as in our daily life.

But unfortunately the more yah is helpful to us, the more there is conflict in their life. There is pain from all sides. That is to say that even after so much hard work, they do not get as much money as they need.

Apart from this, they also have to face the wrath of nature. If there is a drought in a year or there is excessive rainfall, then in this situation the crops are destroyed. And it affects their daily life.

PM Kisan Yojana :-

PM Kisan Yojana Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana is a very welfare scheme run by the Honorable Prime Minister of our country, Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi. Under this scheme, all the eligible farmers are provided financial assistance by the government.

For your information, let us inform you that the financial assistance provided under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana is of ₹ 6000. Financial assistance is provided to the beneficiary every year.

But this amount is not provided to the beneficiary once. Subsidiary amount of good thousand rupees is provided directly in the bank account of the beneficiaries by the government in team equal installments of ₹ 2000.

Success of this scheme:-

If the message comes to the reader, then the readers must be feeling like a plan that was active in the past or in the future or will be activated. But let us make you aware of this yah scheme is still active.

All eligible beneficiaries can still apply for this scheme and take advantage of this scheme. Since the launch of this scheme, a total of 11 installments of ₹ 2000 have been given to it in the bank account of the beneficiaries.

Right now, preparations are being made to transfer the 12th installments by the government. This month your 12th kiss will be issued under PM Kisan Yojana in the next month.

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Know which beneficiaries will get the benefit of this scheme :-

An important announcement has been made by the central government, according to which if the eKYC of a particular person is incomplete, then he will not be provided benefits under this scheme.

If you are a beneficiary associated with PM Kisan Yojana, then it is very important for you to complete your own EKYC to get the benefits of this scheme. If done after the last date for completion of eKYC or which was fixed as 31st August 2022.

Messages sent in the phones of the beneficiaries :-

If you are also among the beneficiaries associated with PM Kisan Yojana, then you too must be waiting for the 12th installment i.e. ₹ 2000 to come under this scheme.

Meanwhile, a waiting for message has been sent to the mobile phones of the beneficiaries. You need to know that the installment provided under PM Kisan Yojana is provided by the central government.

But from the state government is approved ie approved ba. If the state government has not approved, that is, 12th of the upcoming PM Kisan Yojana, then the message of Waiting for approval state will come in the mobile phones of the beneficiaries.

Apart from this, if this message of Request for Transfer also comes on your mobile, then it means that the state government has checked the information of farmer beneficiary which is completely correct. Along with this, a request will be made to the Center from the state government, whose money should be sent to the account of Pradhan Mantri Kisan Yojana. Apart from this, if you get the message of payment confirmation (FTO is generated and payment confirmation is pending), it means that the process of fund transfer has been started. The amount of this installment will be transferred to your bank account soon.

Check PM Kisan Yojana Beneficiary Status in this way :-

  • First of all you need to go to its official website. You can visit its official website through
  • An option of Farmers Corner will appear on the right side of the website. After that click on beneficiary status.
  • To check the status, necessary information like Aadhar number, mobile number will have to be entered here. After the completion of the process, the name of the farmer can be checked in the list.
  • In this way, now you can check PM Kisan Yojana Beneficiary Status.

conclusion :-

We thank all of you readers wholeheartedly for having read this article of ours till the end. We hope that you have liked all the information provided by us very much. Apart from this, if you want to ask any question or suggest to us, then you can easily do this work by commenting. In the end, all of you readers have read our article till the end, thanks to all of you readers for that.

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