Pithoragarh: Then the world of a newborn ends before it begins, when will the health service of the mountains improve?

Report – Himanshu Joshi

Pithoragarh. Even today in the hilly areas of Uttarakhand, safe delivery of pregnant women is considered a miracle, because in this era of modernity such incidents are seen, which scream the plight of health services in the mountains. Where women, sometimes newborn babies die due to lack of proper delivery facilities and sometimes women keep on making rounds of hospitals for delivery. One such case related to poor health services has been seen again in Pithoragarh Women’s Hospital, where a deaf deaf woman who came for delivery gave birth to a child. After this the newborn was not able to get proper treatment, he was referred 250 km away to Sushil Tiwari Hospital in Haldwani, where his world ended before it even started. The mother kept asking the condition of her child with gestures, but the responsible system had no answer to it.

The family members of the victims have accused the staff of Pithoragarh Women’s Hospital of negligence. Relatives say that the hospital management delayed the delivery for a long time. With this, making fun of the disability of the pregnant woman, no attention was paid to the health of the child after the delivery.

Pithoragarh Women’s Hospital again in controversy
This is not the first case of Pithoragarh Women’s Hospital. In the last 15 days, two newborns have died here due to lack of treatment. Every day the women’s hospital of Pithoragarh remains in controversies. Public has been complaining of indecency. Due to paucity of resources and experts, pregnant women and babies are referred from here to cities 250 km away, in most cases ruining the happiness of many homes.

Principal Medical Superintendent of Pithoragarh Women’s Hospital JS Nabiyal has said to investigate the matter. He said that after investigation, strict action will be taken against whoever is found guilty in this case. In view of such incidents, only one question arises in the mind that till how long such pregnant women and babies will have to lose their lives in the mountains.

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