Pickle Business Idea: Start a business of making pickles with less investment from home, earn 50 thousand months

Pickle Business Idea : Are you thinking of doing such a business which gives more profit in less cost and you can start from home. So we have brought such a wonderful business idea for you in this article today.

Here we are going to tell you about Pickle Business Idea. You can start this business from home also and yes you will invest less in this business even then you will get more profit. How will you start this business? What are the things we need to keep in mind to run this business? We are going to give you all this information here, so you stay with us till the end.

Pickle Business Idea: Know about Pickle Business

Do you know that you can earn money even by fulfilling your hobbies, you would not believe it or not. Yes, if you like to make pickles and you are fond of pickles, then you can earn up to ₹ 50000 a month by doing business of pickles. how that? Here we are going to tell you, then you read our article completely.

We Indians love to eat something spicy. Therefore, in every house, in every restaurant, in every hotel, in the handcart, people definitely eat pickle along with food. Even people definitely use pickle in their homes for breakfast. If a woman is pregnant, then she must use Acharya in her food throughout the day because pregnant women love to eat pickles.

That’s why you can earn 50000 rupees or more a month by doing business of pickles. Nowadays big companies are earning lakhs of crores a month by doing business of pickle, so why can’t you earn by doing small scale industry. So start making pickles from today itself.

Why do people like to eat pickles?

The first reason why people like to eat pickle is because it is spicy in taste and people like to eat spicy food. Eating pickle brings freshness in the mouth. Therefore, women who conceive have a great desire to eat pickles and eat something sour.

Another reason for people to eat pickles is scientific reason. Indian spices are used in the pickle, which is very beneficial for health. like Turmeric, Fennel, Cumin, Mustard, Fenugreek, Ajwain, Black Cumin,e.t.c. The spices present in pickle help in digestion of food and promote the growth of good bacteria so that the immunity in our body increases.

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How much to invest in Pickle Business Idea?

If you are a housewife and want to do a small business of pickle from your home. So you can start your business with just ₹15000. You will earn a lot in this investment.

If you have a little more budget and you want to do business on a slightly bigger level, then you will have to spend from ₹ 200000 to ₹ 300000.

In Pickle Business Idea, you will need machines if you make pickles in large quantities. For which you have to invest more. If you want to make mango pickle then you have to take mango cutting machine.

Mixer grinder will also have to be purchased for grinding spices and many more machines are used which you will have to buy only then you will be able to do pickle business in large quantities. Even more money can be spent for the purchase of machines, which you can start work by taking a loan from the government.

How much profit will you be able to get in the business of pickles?

How much profit you will earn in the business of ethics will depend on your investment and the ethics you have made. The more you invest, the more profit you will earn, the more delicious the pickles made by you, the more they sell in the market, the more profit you will get.

If you are doing small scale business from home by investing ₹ 15000, then you can earn up to ₹ 5000 per month in the beginning. If you have four good and have sold more, then your profit can be 2 times 3 times as well.

If you do business of pickles by investing ₹ 200000 to ₹ 300000, then you can easily earn ₹ 50000 per month. You can also double your profit by doing wholesale marketing.

Choosing the Right Location for Pickle Making Business

You have to choose the right place to start the pickle business. You have to choose a place where the scorching sun of the sun reads. Like you can have a courtyard or you can have a terrace. Now if pickle is not made in gas, then it is a matter of poison, you will need sunlight to make pickle.

Spices have to be dried, its raw materials have to be dried in the sun before making pickles and after making pickles also apply in the sun. For this you will need more sunlight, so choose the same place. Also, if possible, make pickles mostly in the summer season as the pickle gets spoiled due to moisture.

How many types of pickles are made in India?

Many types of pickles are made in our country, but most of them are some of the pickles which people like more like lemon, mango, mix pickle, chilli pickle, people eat it with more choice.

  • Mango pickle
  • lemon pickle
  • Garlic Pickle
  • Carrot Pickle
  • chili pickle
  • hock pickle
  • jackfruit pickle
  • Amla Pickle
  • mango pickle
  • Mix Pickles
  • Wet’s Ethics

Ingredients for Pickle Making Business

  • mustard oil
  • Kalonji
  • salt
  • turmeric powder
  • chili powder
  • Asafoetida
  • Mustard
  • Fenugreek seeds
  • Fennel
  • Celery
  • pickle jar

Method of making pickle?

It is very easy to make pickle. by the way most people Mango, Lemon, Carrot I like to eat pickle. Whatever you want to make pickle, wash it well and let it dry in the sun, when it dries, then mix all the spices mentioned by us with oil, after mixing it, put it in the pickle bowl.

Then tie a clean cloth on the mouth of that bari properly. Allow the pot of communication to ripen well in the sun for 4 to 5 days. Now your pickle is ready.


If you are doing small scale industry then you do not need to take any license. No GST in small scale business (GST) It seems and neither is any license, then you do business by being sure.

If you are doing business on a small scale, then you will have to get a license. because of the food It is necessary to make fssai license. If you want to open your own company, then you will also have to register for it. Also you have to get GST(GST) also has to be made.

How to packaging pickles?

First of all, you packaging your product in small quantity, when the demand of people increases, then you can increase the quantity. For packaging of pickle, you should use air tight container so that pickle does not get spoiled due to air exposure.

You can also tell the method of how to make all the ingredients of your product in the packaging box. You can use any nice bright color for the pickle boxes in the packaging. If you want, you can also create your own name brand.


In this article, we told you that you can make money from home even with less money. Pickle Business Idea How to do business of pickle using Here we have tried to give you complete information.

Please read it completely. So that you get an idea what is necessary for the business of ethics. Hope you liked our article very much.

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