Opposition to Vande Mataram, support of Taliban, the gift of children above… Who are the SP MPs who support PFI?

Careful: NIA and ED have raided Popular Front of India (PFI) locations in many cities across the country and its members have been arrested. This raid has been done in connection with the Terror funding case. Terror funding related transactions and literature have been recovered from the locations of Madhya Pradesh. But Shafiqur Rahman Barq, the Samajwadi Party MP from Sambhal in UP, had to face this fate. Expressing his objection to this, he said, while advocating the disputed organization, he asked what is the crime of the people of this organization?

The SP MP said that like all the institutions of the country, PFI is also an institution. Just like other organizations run their programmes, PFI also conducts its programmes. This organization (PFI) is fighting the problems of the Muslims of the country. Why are his people being arrested?

protest against vande mataram
This is not the first time that SP MP Burke is in discussion due to his controversial statements. Earlier in the year 2019, after taking oath in Parliament, he had said, ‘As far as Vande Mataram is concerned, it is against Islam. We cannot follow it.’ There was a lot of uproar over this too.

support the Taliban
After this, in the year 2021, he compared the rule of Taliban in neighboring Afghanistan to the rule of Indians in India after the end of British Raj. He had said, when India was ruled by the British and we fought to remove them, in the same way the Taliban also liberated their country. Taliban did not allow powerful countries like Russia, America to stay in their country. His statement was seen as an endorsement of the Taliban.

Hijab to control girls
On the hijab controversy in the country, Burke supported the hijab by giving a very strange argument. She said, when girls start growing up, hijab is necessary to control them. Wearing hijab keeps girls in control. His statement was also heavily criticized.

‘Children belong to the above’
SP also had to face a lot of embarrassment due to these statements of his, but Shafiqur Rahman Burke seems to be an expert in ‘self-goal’. On the Population Control Act and the controversy related to it, he said, “Procreation of children is not related to human beings but to Allah. When the one above produces children, he also makes arrangements for them.


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