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What is One Nation One Ration Card Scheme, How will the card be made (Portability, Free Free Grain, Apply Online) (One Nation One Ration Card Yojana in hindi) Ration Card Portability)

In view of these circumstances, the Government of India has just launched the One Nation One Ration Card scheme. Earlier the ration card holder used to be a resident of which state, he was distributed ration only by that state. But Minister of Food Department Ram Vilas Paswan ji has decided to launch this scheme. Now through this scheme, a person holding the ration card of the state can easily get his share of ration in any other state also. If we keep in mind the odd situation of today’s corona virus, then this scheme will provide benefits to the beneficiaries at the very right time. Let us know more about this scheme in detail through this article.

one nation one ration card 2021

scheme name one nation one ration card
launch date year 2019
launched by central government
beneficiary ration card holder
is applicable in all states
Relevant departments Union Ministry of Food, Public Distribution and Consumers
beginning June, 2020
Last date June, 2030
nodal officer Food Corporation of India
official website NA
toll free number 14445

What is One Nation One Ration Card Scheme (One Nation One Ration Card)

Recently, the central government had a special meeting with different types of ministers from their important departments. In this special meeting of the Central Government, decisions have been taken on many big decisions for the interest of the country. Out of all those important decisions, an important decision was also taken regarding one nation one ration card scheme. The benefit of this scheme will be provided to every state of India. Any ration card holder, wherever he resides, under this scheme, he can get his food grains very easily by visiting the PDS shop. In today’s difficult times, this decision is a big relief for every ration card holder.

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One Nation One Ration Card Scheme Benefits

After the start of this important scheme, all types of ration card holders will get many types of benefits, some of them are as follows.

  1. After the launch of the One Nation One Ration Card initiative, all those poor migrant laborers will get relief who go to another state and find any kind of work for themselves.
  2. In such a situation, by taking advantage of this service, they can get food grains from PDS shop anywhere on behalf of the government every month.
  3. After the start of this scheme, all types of ration card holders will be completely free to get the ration that the government will get from any place.
  4. With the introduction of this scheme, there will be no more workload on the sellers of all types of government PDS shops.
  5. Apart from this, the Government of India has decided to integrate all types of PDS shops.
  6. After the start of this scheme, transparency will also be implemented on corruption in the field of grain distribution and no ration card holder will be obstructed to get ration from the same PDS shop.
  7. After this, now all the PDS shopkeepers will not be rigged and all the people will be able to get a specified quantity of food grains.

The Government of India is trying to start this scheme as soon as possible in the entire state of India. With this, even in this difficult time, people will easily get the necessary benefits through the scheme in time. The Central Food and Public Distribution Department is doing a lot of work up to its level to expedite this scheme. So that its benefits can be provided to the needy as soon as possible in all the necessary states.

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One Nation One Ration Card Scheme Eligibility

There is only one eligibility for this scheme that the application should be a resident of India and a ration card holder. Otherwise he will not be able to get the benefit of it.

One Nation One Ration Card Portability

Just like you make your mobile SIM portable, you have to make your ration card portable as well. This feature is called portability. The way you can talk to any corner of the country after making your SIM portable. In the same way, after making the ration card portable, you can buy ration from the ration shop present in any corner of the country.

One Nation One Ration Card Portability Document

identity card :-

Beneficiaries taking advantage of this scheme will have to carry their identity card with them as it can be used in the process of making their ration card portable.

Aadhar card :-

Aadhar card has an important role in this scheme. Because only those whose ration card will be linked with Aadhar card will get the benefit of this scheme.

Ration card :-

As you know ration card is the most important document in this scheme because without it you cannot get ration.

One Nation One Ration Card Portability how to do

It is very easy to take advantage of this scheme because the beneficiaries do not have to apply anything in it. Only have to portable your old ration card. Which is done through electronic point of sale machine, and this machine will be available in verification office as well as ration shops. This machine will be available only in those shops where ration is sold at a reasonable rate. Its process is as follows –

  1. First of all, your ration card should be linked to your Aadhar card, if it is not there, first get it done.
  2. After this, you will have to go to the electronic point of sale machine where it is present and show the copy of your Aadhar card and ration card.
  3. After this a document verification will be done and your ration card portability process will be completed.

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one nation one ration card scheme migrant laborers

The Food Department and the Government of India want to provide necessary benefits to the migrant laborers affected by the corona virus through this scheme. So that they never have to face problems like eating and drinking in this odd situation. If any kind of changes are made in this scheme by the Government of India, then we will definitely tell you through updates in this article.

one nation one ration card usage

  1. It is used to buy rations like wheat, pulses, rice, millets and other grains.
  2. Apart from this, people can also use it as an identity and address proof in many government works.
  3. It can be used even if you want to open an account in the bank.
  4. You have to enroll your children, get gas connection, have to get any government document made, it can be used in them.

one nation one ration card toll free number

If you are facing any problem to take advantage of this scheme, then you can call on toll free number 14445. From here all your problems will be solved.

So in this way the citizens of our country can now take advantage of this scheme while staying where they are. And by coming to your state and your city itself, you will not have to be obstructed to buy ration.


Q: Can the One Nation One Ration Card scheme be beneficial for all migrant laborers?

Ans: The government has started this scheme with the same objective that all the migrant laborers and laborers of other states working in rural areas, if they have ration card, then they can be benefited through this scheme. To a large extent, this initiative of the government will prove to be a boon for such people.

Q: What will be the application process and eligibility criteria of the scheme under the One Nation One Ration Card scheme?

Ans: If you are thinking of taking advantage of this scheme, then you do not need to worry at all. The way you used to apply for the ration card earlier, in the same way you have to apply to get the ration card. As soon as your state joins this scheme, your ration card is also automatically enabled to transmit the benefits related to the scheme to you. All of you just have to wait till your state joins this scheme.

Q: What is the One Nation One Ration Card scheme?

Ans: The Government of India will allow portability to all the required beneficiaries through this scheme. Through this scheme, all the poor migrant laborers will be able to get all kinds of essential food grains through ration card from anywhere, as long as their Aadhar card is not linked with it. This means that they will not have to face any kind of obstacles in getting food grains.

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