Nupur Sharma again reached the doors of the Supreme Court, filed a petition to avoid arrest


Earlier, in the petition filed in the Supreme Court, Nupur Sharma had demanded transfer of all the FIRs to Delhi.
The Supreme Court had refused to hear this petition of the suspended BJP leader.
The court had asked Nupur Sharma to apologize on camera.

New Delhi: BJP leader Nupur Sharma, who was suspended from the party due to the controversy over her remarks on Prophet Mohammad, has once again reached the Supreme Court. This time he has approached the Supreme Court to avoid arrest for his remarks against Islam.

This is not the first time that she has reached the Supreme Court. Earlier, he had appealed to the court to put together the FIRs filed in different parts of the country, but this request of the BJP leader was refused by the court.

In the petition, Nupur Sharma had demanded from the court to transfer the FIR registered across the country to Delhi, but the court refused to hear her petition. Taking a tough stand on the controversial statement of Nupur Sharma, the court also made a harsh remark.

The court told the BJP leader that he should apologize for his statement on TV. The court, in its response, had said that being the spokesperson of a party does not give the right to say anything.

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