Now coffee workers are left with E Shram Card, deprived of getting money, they will get money, see list here

E-Shram Card has been started by the Central Government of our country to prepare and maintain a database of crores of laborers of many unorganized areas of our India. It is said that the main purpose of this e-shram card is to provide happiness to all the crores of workers of our country.

Till now, since this card was implemented by the central government, almost crores of e-shram card holders have become. It is believed that it is in the form of a national database of the workers of the country as per the e-shram card. Under which the Labor Prime Minister of our country was announced by the Labor Ministry by the present Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

Its main goal is to connect more than 38 crore laborers under this labor work and provide them happiness along with labor cards. If this card is seen then it is very beneficial for the workers of our country. Which is the availability of labor pension to the workers.

Let’s know what are the benefits of making this e-shram card:-

If you are an e-shram card holder, then I will share with you the information about the benefits of an e-shram card which is as follows:-

  • With the labor card, you can take advantage of all government schemes by all types of central and state governments of the country.
  • Under this card, every month an amount of ₹ 1000 will be provided to you by the government as financial help in your account.
  • Even through this labor card, you can be provided a certain amount in the form of pension by the government in future. Due to which you do not have to face any kind of financial problems in old age.
  • If there is any son or daughter in the family of the workers, then he has to do further studies for his bright future, then under the government, he will also be provided financial assistance in the form of scholarship, due to which he can continue his further studies smoothly. Can keep
  • Under this card, loans will also be passed by the government to the workers for the repair of their homes and construction of new houses.
  • In the labor card, if a worker becomes disabled in any accident, then in such a situation, an amount of ₹ 100000 is provided to him as insurance under the central government. And on the contrary, if the worker dies, then the financial amount of ₹ 200000 is provided to him by the government as assistance to his family members.

What documents are required for making labor card:-

As you must have read above how beneficial e-labor cards are for the workers. In view of that, let me tell you that if your parents have not registered in the e-shram card and you want to make it for yourself and your family members, then some necessary documents are required for that. With which you can make a labor card and take many benefits of it, let us know what is the required document.

  • name and trade
  • skill description
  • educational qualification
  • Aadhar card
  • phone number linked with aadhar card
  • Correct current address details
  • family details
  • Your Bank Account Number with IFSC Code

What is the eligibility or qualification required to make this labor card:-

I must make you aware that labor card is one of the many schemes run by the central government of our country. Under which many workers of our country have got financial assistance from this and for the bright future of all those workers, along with this financial assistance, many other facilities will continue to be availed.

If you are not a holder of this labor card and you want to become a labor card holder, then it is very important to confirm the information about what qualifications you need to become a holder of this card.

  • Any person who wants to apply for this card must be a citizen of India.
  • The age of the applicant i.e. worker should be between 16 years to 59 years.
  • This laborer does not pay any kind of income tax in our country.
  • Those who apply should not be a member of EPF EPF and EFIC ESIC.
  • And those workers work in the unorganized sector of our country, that is, they are employed.

As we all know that e-shram card scheme is a scheme run by the central government in which there is a kind of data base of workers or laborers of unorganized areas.

Apart from this, whatever may be mentioned, such as the circumstances of emergency, in the event of an epidemic, when the government has to provide financial assistance to the public, then possibly the database made on the e-shram card can be used. Financial assistance was provided to the public even in an epidemic like Corona.

Make it clear to you that the e-shram card scheme has been brought for the backward and economically weaker citizens of our country. That is, any person who is not eligible for this scheme should not take advantage of this scheme in a fraudulent way or in any other way.

Can a household have more than one e-Shram card holder?

Yes, it is possible, it is not mandatory that only one member of a family can be e-shram card holder, if two or more persons in a family have the qualifications to make e-shram card, then they can easily make their e-shram card. Labor card can be made. And one can easily take advantage of this policy brought by the government.


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