Now Canada can be vaccinated without vaccine, know when the compulsion can end


Consideration is being given to eliminating the requirement of vaccine for people coming to Canada
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may end vaccination requirement on September 30
Canada will also stop random corona virus tests amid dwindling cases

Ottawa, Amidst the gradually decreasing impact of Corona around the world, many countries have started giving relaxation in Kovid rules for international citizens. According to a report by Reuters, now the western country Canada is also going to normalize its strict rules of Kovid. The country’s federal government may end its COVID-19 vaccine obligation for people entering Canada at the end of the month. A government source told Reuters that the country’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau could end the vaccination requirement on 30 September.

Random tests will also stop
Canada will also phase out random coronavirus tests amid a dwindling number of cases and optionally the obligation to use the Arivacan app, where travelers are currently required to upload proof of their vaccinations. Canada is also doing this to attract foreign tourists to its country, who were more preferring to go elsewhere due to strict rules.

Close to 3 lakh cases, more than 12 billion vaccines
According to the WHO, more than 12 billion vaccine doses have been given to people worldwide. At the same time, in the last 24 hours, new cases of corona have been confirmed in about 3 lakh patients. Also, more than 60 crore people have been caught by Corona, in which more than 65 lakh people have lost their lives.

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