North Korea threatens nuclear attack, America sends South Korea destroyer aircraft carrier, tensions

SeoulAmerica’s warship USS Ronald Reagan has left for Busan and will reach here by this week. It is a nuclear-capable aircraft carrier that will be involved in an exercise with South Korea. This exercise is taking place at a time when the nuclear threat from North Korea is increasing. If military sources are to be believed, the Nimitz-class supercarrier Reagan will be part of an exercise to be held in the East Sea this month, which will also include South Korea’s navy.

for the first time in five years
This is the first time since 2017 that such an exercise is being conducted. North Korea recently conducted its sixth nuclear weapons test. Both the US and South Korea are partners and a joint statement was issued on their behalf on Friday. The statement came after a meeting in Washington that condemned a decision by North Korea. North Korea passed a law earlier this month that allowed its military to use nuclear weapons.
‘JIMEX’ and ‘KAKADU’ are not codewords, they are the formula of China’s definitive treatment in the sea!
Kim Jong threatens
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un also called the country’s nuclear status “irreversible”. After this, he had also ended all possibilities of talks on this issue. In its statement, the US has said that it stands by its strong and unwavering promise of providing security to South Korea. South Korea is dependent on the US to avoid any nuclear and missile threats from its neighbor North Korea. North Korea has been warned by the US that any kind of nuclear attack will be given a decisive response.

American ship sailing from Japan
North Korea has made full preparations for the test of its seventh nuclear weapon. Many believe that this move could increase tensions in the Korean island to dangerous levels and it has also raised fears of military tension. The USS Ronald Reagan of the US Navy and its strike group, which includes the USS Chancellorsville, a Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser and a guided missile destroyer, departed the port of Yokosuka, Japan, on September 12. No further information has been given about the exercise with South Korea.


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