Noida News: Another tower of Supertech Ecovillage 1 is in danger of falling, know the whole matter

Report: Aditya Kumar

Noida. In Supertech Ecovillage 1, people are already living under the shadow of fear due to collapse of basement of two towers and cracks in pillars. Now another tower has reached the verge of collapse. People say that after waiting for 12 years, the house was found, but when their house will fall, they do not know. People living in the society say that by buying a house in this society, as if we have bought some calamity. There is always something wrong going on here which bothers us.

STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) is being built in Supertech Ecovillage 1 for several months. Due to this, there has already been a crack in the basement of the D5 and F7 buildings. On this, the Greater Noida Authority has ordered an audit within 30 days, but due to the construction work of the same STP, the future of C6 tower is also hanging in the balance. Rakesh Tiwari, who lives in C6 Tower, says that we shifted here 6 months ago. There is a huge pit just below this tower, whenever it rains, the soil keeps falling from here. The day is not far when this building will also collapse after being hollow.

No hearing even after complaining
Ranjana Bhardwaj tells that we had booked this flat in 2010. We shifted here a few months back and the house looks like it will fall. We have also complained about this to the authority many times, but no concrete action is being taken so far. We want this building also to be audited and preventive measures should be taken. Only garbage is filled in the basement of the building.

Noida News: Crack in the pillar of the tower built in Supertech Ecovillage, 4500 families forced to live under the shadow of fear

What to say about supertech and authority
Vinod Kumar Mishra, Project Head, Supertech Eco Village 1, on the issue of land slipping in the basement of C6 Tower, says that there is no need to panic in the matter of this building, the matter is of STP, which was soon built and made the entire basement equal to the building. Will go. At the same time, Amardeep Duli, ACEO of Greater Noida Authority, says that the matter is in our notice, we have ordered the builder to conduct an audit. By August 3, the audit will be done from IIT and submitted to the authority’s office, otherwise action will be taken against the builder.

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