New York Weather: America’s most modern city New York became Warzone, nature’s fierce attack continues, 50 people died so far

New York: The weather is turning deadly in many parts of North America at this time. The condition of Buffalo in New York is very bad. Governor Cathy Hochul has described Buffalo as a war zone. In New York till Monday, 28 people have died due to bad weather. Snowfall and cold have claimed more than 50 lives across the country so far. On the other hand, thieves and robbers in Buffalo are taking advantage of the bad weather. There are reports of looting and firing in some stores here. The continuous snowfall for three days has troubled the people. Police are on high alert following incidents of looting at stores such as Walmart.

Nature using every weapon

New York Governor Cathy Hochul said, ‘We are fighting a war with nature and she is attacking us with every weapon she has.’ Kathy is also a citizen of Buffalo and has been hit the most by the weather here. Cathy says that going out in this weather is like fighting a war. Vehicles are stuck on both sides of the road and it is really scary. Cathy herself is from Buffalo. He has termed this weather condition as dangerous and life-threatening. Along with this, Kathy has appealed to the citizens to stay indoors.
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Life saved after 11 hours

A family was buried in snow in Buffalo on Christmas Eve. There were also two children in this family whose age was two and six years. They can be rescued after being trapped for 11 hours. Speaking with CBS News, the head of the family, Jilla Santiago, said they had given up all hope of survival. Leaving the engine of the car running, he had found a way to escape from the cold. He was relieving his stress and fear by playing games with the children.

It is being told that similar victims may be trapped in some areas. According to Governor Hochul, he has appealed to President Joe Biden to declare it a disaster and help New York. The weather is likely to remain like this for the next few days. People have been advised to come out of their homes only when absolutely necessary.
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store robbery
There have been reports of shots being fired to prevent a robbery at a store in the 260 block of Beale Ave in Buffalo. If local media is to be believed, some local citizens who were upset due to the weather have entered the store here. They started looting here. The police had to open fire to control them. According to users on social media, the situation was similar for about 30 minutes. Even some women entered the store and started firing. According to Buffalo Mayor Joseph Gramagilla, several people have been arrested in connection with the looting. According to Mayor Byron Brown, such incidents are heartbreaking at a time when people are trying to save their lives in extreme weather. Brown has termed the looters as ‘the lowest of human beings’.

animals frozen in ice
Two and a half million homes were plunged into darkness on Christmas weekend in North America and there was a blackout in many places. However, the power supply was restored after a few hours. Several people have been reported killed by the weather in Vermont, Ohio, Missouri, Wisconsin, Kansas and Colorado. In southern Florida, the temperature dropped so rapidly that some animals even froze to death. Conditions are worst in Montana in the western US. Here the temperature had reached -50 degrees.


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