My mother is alive! The son, who has been going round the office with the evidence of his mother being alive for 8 months


When the family identity card was made on February 2022, mother Dhanpati was written dead in it.
With the complaint reached the District Social Welfare Department, CM Window, ADC office.

Panipat, My mother is alive. A son has been circling every office for eight months with the proof that his mother is alive. In many districts of Haryana, the pension of a large number of elderly people has been cut due to the negligence of the government and administration. They are not getting old age pension now.

The matter is of Paoti village of Samalkha block of Panipat. The elderly woman’s son Rakesh Mittal told that his mother’s name is Dhanpati and father Bishandas. His mother is 72 years old. In February 2022, he got the family identity card made. In this his mother Dhanpati was written dead. This family identity card was updated and climbed on the portal in social welfare, due to which his mother’s pension was deducted. The pension was awaited for two months.

When the pension did not come in the bank account, then inquired about it in the social welfare office. He checked and told that his mother is dead. In the documents he is dead. He told about his being alive and also showed the documents, but no one agreed.

After this, he reached the District Social Welfare Department, CM Window, ADC office with a complaint, but no one listened to him. Being most upset, he reached Chandigarh office with his mother. It was found here that his mother was mistakenly declared dead in the family identity card. After fixing the PPP, their pension will be started. Now he has got this error corrected in the family identity card as well, but even after this, the Social Welfare Department did not start his mother’s pension.

After checking Dhanpati’s Aadhar card, pension ID, District Social Welfare Officer Ravindra Hooda said that the pension record from his place is correct. As soon as the family identity card is updated on the portal, their pension will be activated. Pension arrears will also be available.

Cried in front of CM in Rohtak

Earlier, on Thursday, in Rohtak too, a large number of people had reached in front of CM Manohar Lal Khattar complaining about the closure of pension. During this, CM Khattar had also given 25 hundred rupees from his pocket to an elderly woman. The CM said that instructions have been given to deal with the problems related to pension.

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