Multibagger Stock: 158 percent return given in one year, even today 10 percent increase


Veteran investor Dolly Khanna has taken stake in Oxygen Ltd.
According to the shareholding pattern, Dolly Khanna has bought 51,784 shares of the company.
Today this stock jumped about 10 percent and it reached Rs 114.30 in intraday.

New Delhi. The multibagger stock National Oxygen Ltd, which has been making investors rich for the last one year, also saw a tremendous rise on Monday, July 11. This stock, included in the portfolio of veteran investor Dolly Khanna, has about 10 percent today. Percentage jumped and this stock reached Rs 114.30 in intraday. Chennai-based Khanna has bought shares of National Oxygen in the June quarter. As soon as the news of Dolly Khanna’s purchase of this stock came, this stock became sluggish for the past several days.

According to the share price history of National Oxygen, this stock has given a return of 158 percent in one year on the BSE. However, in the last six months, this stock has been sluggish and it has weakened by about 45 percent. In the year 2022, this stock has declined by 26 percent. In the last one month, this stock has given 15.11 percent return.

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share of dolly khanna
According to a report by Moneycontrol, according to the shareholding of National Oxygen Ltd for the quarter ended June 2022, Dolly Khanna has bought 51,784 shares or 1.08 percent stake in the company. According to the shareholding pattern of January-March, 2022, Dolly Khanna’s name was not there among its individual shareholders. This shows that Khanna’s share was not in this stock or was sufficient in the December quarter.

Name is disclosed on more than 1% shareholding
As per the rules, it is mandatory for listed companies to disclose the names of shareholders holding more than 1 per cent stake. This is the reason why companies give details of stake purchased by shareholders at the end of every quarter. However, the companies do not reveal the number of times this stake has been bought.

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Dolly increased stake in two companies
According to a report, Dolly Khanna has increased her stake in 2 companies Ajanta Soya and Tinna Rubber and Infrastructrue Ltd.. Apart from this, he has reduced his stake in six companies. But they have kept their shareholding above one percent.

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