Monkeypox in China: Don’t touch foreigners… Ruckus over warnings from China’s top health official, know what’s the matter

Beijing: A top Chinese health official has warned against touching foreigners. Actually, the first case of monkeypox has been confirmed in China. After which Wu Xunyu, chief epidemiologist of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, warned on China’s Twitter-like platform Weibo on Saturday. He wrote that the country’s COVID-19 restrictions and stringent border controls have so far prevented the spread of monkeypox. However, after one case came to light, now the danger level has increased significantly. In his post, Wu stressed that it is necessary and important to strengthen surveillance and prevention of monkeypox, stressing the risk of disease spread through international travel and close contact.

Chinese official appeals to foreigners not to touch the skin
He made five appeals to the public. The first in this was to avoid skin-to-skin contact with foreigners. His appeal caused controversy on Chinese social media. Some people justified his advice, while some expressed anger over it. One Vivo user wrote that it is good to open the borders of the country, but we cannot let everything in. But others called Wu’s suggestion discriminatory and harmful to the country. He said that it is xenophobia that we cannot shake hands with foreign nationals, we cannot hug them. We have been facing this since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

People opened front in Chinese social media
One Weibo user wrote that this is something like when the epidemic started, when some people abroad avoided meeting any Chinese national they had seen out of fear. I don’t think there is any scientific basis for these two things, they are very widespread and will create panic among the people. Some said that there are also many foreign workers and long-term residents in China. Many of whom have not recently traveled to another country. So how can they be a threat to us?

Chinese said – the world supported us at the time of Corona
Another person wrote that when the Kovid epidemic started, some of our foreign friends stood up and used their own platforms to tell the world that Chinese people are not viruses. Later, when our country Corona got under control, our foreign friends faced discrimination, but at this time many Chinese people were completely silent on their own platforms.

First case of monkeypox in Chongqing, China
The first case of monkeypox in China has been reported in Chongqing. According to local officials, the infection was detected when a person who had come from abroad was quarantined under Kovid-19. However, it has not been told whether the monkeypox infected person is a Chinese or a foreign national. A person infected with monkeypox has symptoms of fever and many blister-like sores form on the body. Monkeypox has started again in May this year. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 23,500 cases have been reported in the US so far this year.


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