Mesh Health Rashifal 2023: Will be healthy in the new year? How will be the condition of health? Read Aries health horoscope


In the beginning of the year in your zodiac, Rahu and Mars will be located in the second house.
This time can be a bit stressful physically.

Mesh Health Rashifal 2023: New year 2023 is coming. Along with career, business, job, education, health will also have to be given priority because after Corona people have come to know the importance of good health or healthy lifestyle. Those people who had good immunity fought against Corona properly. Now how will be your health in the new year? What to do for good health? How will the malefic effects of planets affect your health? To know all these things, read the health horoscope of Aries.

There will be physical tension in the beginning of the year.
If we talk about your health, then in the beginning of the year, Rahu and Mars will be located in the second house and Ketu will be present in the seventh house and it will be aspected by Saturn and Jupiter will be in the twelfth house. This time can be a bit stressful physically, but still no major problem is visible.

Have to keep yourself fit, do exercise
You will need to fix your schedule, do not hold back from gymming and exercising. When Saturn enters your 11th house and Jupiter enters the Ascendant house, there will be slight ups and downs in your health, but during this time you will have to avoid eating oily and spicy food, otherwise obesity may come.

Health may deteriorate in the last months
To remove obesity, you may have to resort to yoga and aerobics. In the last months of the year, you can be careless about your health and you can fall ill by eating outside things and eating outside the house, be careful.

To keep yourself fit, you have to change your diet and lifestyle. You have to adopt some healthy lifestyle, in which walking, cycling or other physical activities will have to be adopted, so that you can stay healthy with the right food.

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