Meet Manasi Tata: Tata Group’s daughter-in-law who is all set to spearhead Kirloskar Group

Manasi Tata: Kirloskar Systems on Monday appointed Manasi Tata as director on the board of the company’s joint-venture firms with immediate effect. She has been appointed to the post after the demise of her father Vikram S Kirloskar. Vikram S Kirloskar’s wife Geetanjali Kirloskar has already taken charge as the new Chairman & Managing Director at KSPL.

Vikram Kirloskar passed away last month due to a heart attack.

Daughter of late Vikram Kirloskar and wife of Neville Tata, Manasi Tata is a fifth-generation scion to one of India’s oldest, established and most reputed business family the Kirloskars.

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A graduate from Rhode Island School of Design in the United States, with a BFA degree, Manasi was the first Young Business Champion for the SDGs by the UN in India in October 2018.

She is the Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Kirloskar Systems Ltd., Director of Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited, Director of Kirloskar Technologies Ltd. and Director of Toyota Tsusho Insurance Broker India Pvt. Ltd.

In 2019, she married Noel Tata’s son Neville.

According to Kirloskar website, Manasi Tata has undergone rigorous training at the Toyota Kirloskar Motor for 3 years and is now working with Toyota Kirloskar’s Lexus Division. In addition to this she has set up the Real Estate arm and worked with her mother Mrs. Geetanjali Kirloskar to set up their Financial Services Division.

Manasi Tata’s interests include mountaineering, deep sea diving, tennis and water sports. She has traveled across the world to visit art galleries and museums and places of historical value. She is also an artist and had exhibited her first works of art at the age of 13.

(Information is taken from Manasi Tata’s linkedIn and Kirloskar Website)

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