Malaika had a fight with sister Amrita, said emotionally – you were not with me when needed

Ever since Malaika Arora came up with her show ‘Moving In With Malaika’, not only have there been many revelations, but her tussle with sister Amrita Arora has also come to the fore. In this show, Malaika opened many secrets related to her personal life and career. Malaika’s son Arhaan and sister Amrita also became a part of the show. But during this their estrangement and quarrels came to the fore. In the new promo of ‘Moving in with Malaika’ which was released, it was shown that Malaika and Amrita get into a fight over some issue. The two go on a lunch date to sort out their feud and patch-up. But here the two sisters quarrel on another issue.

The promo begins with Malaika Arora. On reaching Goa, she goes straight to Amrita Arora’s bedroom and asks why is my sister ignoring me? Amrita keeps looking at her phone and she looks at Malaika with questioning eyes and asks what? He cannot believe that Malaika is saying such a thing for him.

Just then Dino Morea comes there and tells Malaika and Amrita that since they like adventure, they all are going for camping. Malaika immediately agrees. Amrita gets angry on this and says that a person is saying yes let’s go, yes let’s go. but it is OK. No one here cares what I think. After this Amrita refuses to go camping. Amrita refuses and leaves from there.

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Emotional Malaika said- Amrita was not with her at the time of need

After this Malaika goes to Amrita and asks her the reason for her sadness. Then Amrita tells that she is very scared of water. And then she says that if they go together then they will fight with each other like always. Malaika and Amrita are then shown dancing and chatting on the beach. After this Malaika becomes a bit emotional and asks Amrita that you are a very good mother, wife and friend. But when will you be a good sister? Malaika questions why Amrita was not there when she needed a sister the most.


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