Mahindra Xuv400Verse: Mahindra opens virtual showroom for first electric SUV, know how the experience will be

Indian SUV maker Mahindra is making special preparations to give the best experience to the customers of XUV400 in the electric segment. How would be the experience of the virtual showroom started by the company. We are giving you this information in this news.

Metaverse platform launched

The Metaverse platform has been launched by Mahindra to provide the best experience to the customers of XUV 400 Electric. Through this, customers will get a chance to experience the car in a virtual showroom. The company has named it the XUV400 Versus.

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can choose avatar

At the beginning of the Metaverse, any person can choose an avatar of their choice. Also he can invite his friend and family to be a part of it. In this, along with the company’s merchandise, information about accessories will also be available.

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Will get digital experience

In the XUV400Verse, one can experience the electric SUV in a digital way. In this, along with experiencing the features of the car, the color and features of the car can also be customized. Along with this, a virtual test drive of the SUV can also be done.

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When will it be launched

The company’s first electric SUV was introduced sometime back. But at that time the price of the SUV was not informed by the company. It is expected that the XUV400 Electric will be launched in the Indian market by Mahindra at the Auto Expo to be held in January 2023. According to media reports, the SUV can be brought in Base, EP and EL variants. The initial ex-showroom price of the SUV can be around Rs 15 lakh.

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